4 Good Enquiries Each Week Through The Website

North Advisory’s Digital Story

Chartered Accountants, North Advisory assumed that digital marketing wouldn’t deliver quality leads… so hadn’t previously invested in online marketing. Instead they had relied on referral, which meant that lead flow was sporadic.

Relying on referrals also meant that prospects were only partially educated when they made contact with the business. So the team had to spend time educating prospects about North Advisory’s range of services and considerable expertise. This meant the time from first contact to closed business was often quite extended.

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Awesome Eco-Architects and Building Designers Now Have a Website to Match

Passionate Australian Architects

Envirotecture are a firm of building designers and architects, who specialise in sustainable design. They build beautiful, comfortable, affordable spaces, spaces which are effortlessly cool in summer and warm in winter.

But although Envirotecture were designing and building stunning spaces ‘to inspire the soul’, their existing website was not going to win any design awards.

We needed a website that was much more visually appealing,” says Envirotecture partner, Andy Marlow. “And for a business that is all about design, it was crucial that we got the visual aspect of our website right.

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Using The Power of Digital Marketing to Sell a Business

Unique Lifestyle Business

Brilliant Blue’s first ever client was Smart Boating, a yacht-charter and syndicate boat ownership business located on the stunning waters of Pittwater Smart Boating’s then owner, David Biddle, initially met Brilliant Blue founder, Deb Jeffreys, as a Smart Boating client, and the timing couldn’t have been better. “I’d tried all the traditional forms of marketing,” says David, “and we just weren’t getting the results we needed”.

I’d tried advertising in directories, boating industry magazines, local press and trade advertising. I even went on Kochie’s “My Business” TV show, which helped raise awareness of the business, but because it wasn’t location specific, only a fraction of the leads it delivered were ever going to convert.

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Robotics WPS Can Now Franchise

“Our digital marketing is working so well now that we are now in a position to franchise the business”

Robotics WPS is just about every child’s dream!

The company runs hands-on robotics workshops for school age children (K-10), within the school curriculum, teacher inductions, after-school workshops and also a school holiday program.

The company, which has been operating since 2009, wanted to overhaul its existing website in line with it’s strategic growth plans to ensure the site reflects exactly what the company does as well as it’s commitment to helping children and young adults to learn.

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The Conscious Farmers

Customised Digital Strategy for the Conscious Farmers

Conscious Farmers Kirrily and Derek Blomfield knew in their hearts that digital marketing was the way forward for their business, but were nervous about finding the right team to help them.

They were holding back because they were unsure about the claims being made by search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists.

They also felt somewhat uneducated about social media and didn’t want to take a wrong turn.

Their hesitancy left them relying on word of mouth to promote their business, resulting in inconsistent and patchy sales figures and slow growth. “All we had was a basic Landing Page and a Facebook presence. Most of our exposure was coming from the Food Festivals we attended in the region,” says Kirrily.

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Steady Flow of Educated Leads From Legal website

Family Law specialists Sharon Moss Legal are very good at what they do…

and like many service professionals they had traditionally relied on word of mouth and referrals to grow their business.

This meant that new business flow was sporadic.

It also meant that prospects were only partially educated when they made contact with the business. So the team of lawyers had to spend time educating prospects about Sharon Moss Legal’s range of services and considerable expertise. This meant the time from first contact to closed business was often more extended than was ideal.

Back in 2012 the team realised that digital marketing was starting to become important and they invested in a digital strategy.

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Windcraft Group Consultancy

10% of the Global Market Share

“As a result of Brilliant Blue’s website design and digital marketing expertise in excess of 30,000 visitors a month now use our websites. The vast majority of the traffic comes from Google search. Brilliant Blue’s digital marketing skills mean that yacht dealers around the globe refer to Windcraft’s websites as the gold standard – the sites have been extensively copied.

Measurable results are that Windcraft Australasia sell 10% of Global market share of Hanse Group yachts.

Warmed up leads contact the sales team directly and convert quickly even on our top end yachts.

Brilliant Blue work closely with our strategic and sales teams offering a trusted partnership we value highly.

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Successful Medical Marketing

Brilliant Blue understand Medical Marketing

Glebe Family Medical Practice have provided caring, patient focused care to the local community for over 35 years. Like many service professionals they traditionally relied on word of mouth and referrals to grow their business.

This meant that when a new medical centre came into the area they began to lose market share. So back in 2011 the partners invested in a digital strategy with BBIM. In the words of Practice Manager Jacqui Ellsmore:

We engaged BBIM to develop our website and online presence back in 2011.  Straight away we realised we had found a team with invaluable marketing experience, who explained in plain speaking the pitfalls and advantages of the online world. The team created a digital strategy, built us a new website (including writing all the content), delivered an SEO strategy and marketed the site using digital advertising.

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Can a Website Deliver a Million Dollar Sale?

Yes it can! The Brilliant Blue team scored big this month.

A 1.5 million dollar luxury lifestyle product sold by our client to a customer previously unknown to them.

The new customer found the website through a Google search, liked what he saw and very quickly wrote a cheque! How does that happen?

How can you possibly build enough trust on a website for a client previously unfamiliar with a company and product to make a purchase of that size? Having a great product is obviously vital… but it’s not enough on its own.

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Our Very Own 24/7 Brand Ambassador...

Bringing a Fresh Perspective

The Impact Press website build began with a detailed strategy meeting, where the Brilliant Blue team sat down together with the Impact Press team, who took the time to understand exactly who the target market was for the Impact Press website.

This highly collaborative process not only provided Brilliant Blue with insight and understanding, but it also gave the Impact Press greater clarity as to what

they wanted their website to do for them. “I found this one-on-one face time to be hugely beneficial, providing my team with a fresh 3rd party perspective,” says Jane.

And by analyzing where our business has come from, it also helped us to realise the potential of a market we hadn’t yet really maximised, providing us with a fresh new focus.

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Website Delivers 35 New Clients in 3 Months

Michael and Brilliant Blue began working together in October.

“After some initial discussions it became clear that Power with Purpose is more than a local Martial Arts school,” says Deb Jeffreys

“There are a number of different strands to this business – health education, counselling services, self defence classes for women, seminars for teenagers to teach them how to have positive relationships and Taekwondo lessons for all age groups…

We needed to consolidate these very different service offerings into an organised online presence.

While the business name Power with Purpose existed, the Brilliant Blue team gave the brand colour, life and personality, reflected in the new site.

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QI Health & Yoga Website Rebuild

Find Balance in a Busy World

The desire to create a better user-experience was the driving force behind the recent rebuild of the Qi Health and Yoga website.

Qi Health & Yoga, is a popular business on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, offering Yoga, Pilates, wellness retreats and workshops as well as a wide range of treatments including massage, acupuncture, Reiki and more.

The existing website, had ‘grown’ alongside the company. As the business expanded, the website was simply reorganized –  bits were ‘bolted on’, functions were ‘added’ and back-end links were developed to give customers what they wanted at the front-end.

Eventually we realized that all of this modification had made the site clunky, and that the user-experience was not very good”, says founder Mark O’Brien.

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