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We are a highly skilled team with a long track record of transforming businesses through digital marketing and brand storytelling.

Our solution is complete and proven.

We specialise in working with the owners and managers of successful businesses who recognise the value of digital marketing… but don’t know how to make the change from more traditional marketing methods.

We offer particular value to long-established businesses who have a clearly defined vision.

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Why is Our Work So Important?

Right now we are in the middle of the biggest business revolution since the industrial age.

Companies who invest in effective digital marketing including storytelling thrive and prosper.

Companies who ignore digital marketing will not survive.

It is our absolute passion to take great businesses who are ready to embrace change and to transform their marketing into an effective digital machine that delivers over and over again.

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Digital Marketing Success

If you want your digital marketing to transform your business by delivering a steady flow of qualified leads… you need to nail 5 key elements

  1. Clarity – you must have a clear and winning digital strategy
  2. Content – you must tell your business story, your customer story and your product story brilliantly
  3. Create – you must create striking digital design around your brand
  4. Construct – you must build robust and high quality digital platforms
  5. Connect – you must connect and re-connect with your target market in multiple ways

Most digital marketing and website design companies only offer some of these crucial elements.

So for example they may design you a great looking website… but fail to write effective website content… so you end up with a great looking website that does not convert. Or they might not offer the full range of post build marketing services so you don’t get enough quality traffic on your site.

An incomplete solution that does not encompass all 5 elements usually fails to deliver the consistent and sustained lead generation required to transform a business through digital marketing.

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How Do We Deliver Results?

At Brilliant Digital we use our proven 5-step process to deliver ideal customers using digital storytelling.

We’ve structured our business to ensure that our team are on the cutting edge of the fast-moving digital world.

For many of our clients we become a long term partner providing a cost-effective, hassle-free, outsourced digital marketing department.

Read more about how we deliver business transformation and read some of our case studies here

Brilliant Digital's History

Deb Jeffreys founded Brilliant Digital in 2009.

In her first career as a Vet she was a partner in a practice in southern England for 15 years.

She built her first website in 2000 and used digital storytelling to market her Vet practice – the business grew steadily as a result. She built a number of globally successful websites and digital brands before and hanging up her stethoscope for good and creating the roots of Brilliant Digital.

David Biddle, our first client, became a director in 2016 and is the co-founder of our sister company Brilliant Businesses – an innovative business sale solution.

Deb and David are surrounded by a team of digital strategists, designers, programmers, SEO experts, digital advertising specialists and of course… digital storytellers.

The whole Brilliant Digital team are fired up every time they transform a business through digital storytelling. They love watching their clients prosper and grow.

Read some of their success stories here


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