Yanni Tzakos, Project Manager

“I love it when a plan comes together.” This phrase sums up how I like to live my life.
Processes are really important to me. I enjoy tinkering with them, perfecting and streamlining them to help people and businesses get maximum results from their efforts.

The Project Manager role is perfect for my personality. It’s all about planning, tracking, adjusting and creating straight, clear paths to ensure our clients’ goals are not only met, but exceeded.

My job is to coordinate new website builds and make sure they bring in warm, good quality leads for our clients. There’s no point having a website if it’s not actually bringing in new business. My job is to make sure our websites are stunning and that they work hard for our clients.

A spirit of excellence

I enjoy looking at the big picture and I also like getting involved in the details that bring everything together. I believe in excellence. There is no room in life for laziness or shortcuts. It’s important to me that everything I touch is completed to the highest standard. A trail of excellence will never come back to bite you.

Website experts

I first came across Brilliant Digital when I was helping my parents’ company, Sevaan, with their marketing. I was in my second year of my Bachelor of Commerce degree. Even though I was majoring in business law and marketing, when it came to our website, I really felt we needed some expert advice.

The sales manager and I attended a conference Deb hosted. We were really impressed by her structure and strategic thinking, and our partnership with Brilliant Digital was born.

Brilliant opportunity

An opportunity for a Brilliant Digital internship became available last year, and I jumped at it. I’ve been living the Brilliant Digital life for about six months now, and I absolutely love it.

Brilliant Digital offers true flexibility. If something comes up with uni, or with life in general, I just make up my Brilliant Digital hours at times that are more convenient for me. As long as my work is done well and on time, it’s never a problem.

Training and development

The training has been exceptional. The Brilliant Digital staff have been incredibly generous with their time and their knowledge. Our culture is one of sharing and development, which I appreciate immensely. I could never have grown this much professionally in such a short time without my team’s support.

Celebrating success

I’m an avid sports fan. When I catch up with friends, it’s generally to play sport or watch a game. We are all a bit sports mad. I’ve been playing soccer since I was four.

I am due to complete my Cert III and Cert IV in Personal Training this year. Brilliant Digital has been helping me set up my business and teaching me how to build my PT website.

It’s great to work with a company that celebrates personal successes and encourages us to reach our full potential, both professionally and personally.

Personal processes

I’m currently studying for three qualifications and holding a part-time job in my dream industry. I work very hard, but I love what I do, so it all balances out. When I’m not studying or working, I’m at the gym. It’s my personal process of working on myself. I also enjoy spending time with my younger siblings.

Common values

Respect and integrity are very important to me. If either of these things are absent in a relationship, then that relationship is doomed.

Brilliant Digital’s core values match mine. That’s important to me. We work with people over the long term, and I love that Brilliant Digital only works with staff and clients who reflect those values.

A firm foundation

Our values make Brilliant Digital a fantastic place to work. We have such a positive, supportive, creative atmosphere. I know I have a solid foundation to build on. I’ve been very fortunate to start my career here and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

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