Returning to the stage with the WSBC Social Media Masterclass

Posted by Deb Croucher | October 15, 2020

After six months of social distancing and postponed events, it was great to be back in the room with a group of Western Sydney Business Connection (WSBC) members for a social media masterclass earlier this month.

Brilliant Digital Founding Director Deb Croucher and Client Manager Zoe Lamont presented an engaging and informative session in a COVID-safe environment… to rave reviews.

Getting real about social media

Social media is one of the most mystifying aspects of digital marketing for business owners. There are many social media platforms to get your head around, and what seems to work one day doesn’t work the next. We know that business owners are confused… and likely pouring their hard earned business dollars down the drain with ineffective strategies or a scattergun approach.

Our masterclass was all about removing the confusion around social media and giving the audience clarity to adopt a smart and strategic approach. We covered the social media platforms that are working for businesses now, how to create engaging social media content and importantly, the things that business owners and leaders should absolutely stop doing on social media.

The response was phenomenal. As WSBC General Manager Amanda Brisot explains:

“The feedback has been really positive. It has prompted some of the attendees to review their social media strategies based on what Deb and Zoe taught. For others it was a refresher and confirmed to them that they were on the right track. Social media is so fast-moving and you are often wondering if you are still doing it right. It was powerful to have that reassurance from the Brilliant Digital team.”

Strong partnership

The event wouldn’t have been possible without our partnership with WSBC. We have partnered with them for a number of years to deliver sessions on a range of topics related to websites and digital marketing.

Amanda knows that whenever the Brilliant Digital team of digital marketing experts present a session, it will be valued-packed and well prepared.

“The great thing about Deb is that she’s very generous with her knowledge,” says Amanda. “It’s not a case of offering a bit of information and then charging for the rest. Her philosophy is to be generous with information. That authenticity makes it easy for people to connect with, creating the ideal learning environment.

Deb and the Brilliant Digital team have such a depth of experience. And unlike other ‘experts’ in the market, they have the substance to back up what they are teaching. That depth of experience and quality of delivery are really valuable to our members.”

The new COVID normal

We work in a truly digital business where remote work is the norm. It’s made it so much easier for us to embrace the new COVID normal in both our day to day work and at events such as this one with WSBC.

In the room we were joined in person by a small group of members to allow for social distancing COVID-safe restrictions. But via Zoom webinar we were able to connect with even more WSBC members. We are passionate about empowering business owners with their digital marketing… and to be able to do this with WSBC at what has been a very challenging time for so many businesses highlights the importance of our partnership even further.

Take charge of your social media

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