Why write a blog on your website?

Why should you write a blog? Every business needs traffic. Adding a blog to your website and regularly updating your blog content brings traffic to your website and gives your audience a reason to return.

So how do find your way and take your website off the beaten track and onto the information superhighway?

A blog serves as an important engine for bringing more traffic to your website.

Today there are wide ranges of digital tools businesses can use to communicate with their customers. Blogging is a way to reach your present and potential customers. You may want to consider the following points when you’re deciding whether or not to write a blog.


1. Communication

Blogging gives your company a voice and provides a way to have an interactive relationship with your customers, prospects and industry peers.

Maybe you are upgrading your business and you want to tell your audience about a brand new product or service? You can keep your audience up to date with fast and accurate information about new products, services and projects.

This two-way information flow helps you gain insights into your customer’s needs.

Give them the option to comment and leave valuable feedback let them know that you value their input by responding to their comments.

Your business is more likely to receive ongoing business from happy and better-informed customers.

2. Education

What do you want your audience to know about your business?

You can write a blog to educate your customers about you and your product, service or business.

Share up to date information about your industry, and answer any questions, form a bond with your customer. Show them what you know… videos are a great way to demonstrate your product or service and educate your audience.

Make your blogs educational, helpful and informative. Connecting with your audience this way pre-sells your company to them and increases the likelihood that they will bring you new and return business.

3. Boost your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

Get more clients to your website. Every time you write a blog you make your business website more visible to your online audience. Adding fresh content to your website is good for SEO.

By focusing on creating a keyword rich topic and using those keywords at the start of your blog and again intermittently throughout the remaining blog post you’re increasing the chances for customers to find your company on the free search engines. Blogging is an investment in your website and your business and will help organic growth.

4. Choose Long Tail Keywords in Your Content

If you want to further increase your online visibility then consider using long tail keywords in your blog. So instead of typing in one or two words to help search engines find your site you use longer more specific keywords that are not as common, individually, but as a phrase they further define the search criteria and bring highly targeted traffic to your site.

For example: instead of typing in ‘internet marketing’ they might type in ‘how does internet marketing help my business grow.’

To make life easier for your visitors link your blog pages to your website product pages. These links direct visitors to the pages you want to guide them to.

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