Our Brilliant team share their working from home tips

As the rest of the world has scrambled to set up their teams to work from home, it’s been business as usual for us here at Brilliant Digital. Each member of our team works from home… as they have done since the very beginning of Brilliant Digital more than a decade ago.

What we are able to achieve while working remotely is remarkable. And it comes down to our amazing team and their passion, expertise and commitment to our clients.

Our team shares some of their tips for how they make working from home such a successful trademark of how we work with each other and our clients.

Bring the fun to work

Bring the fun to work

For us, work is about so much more than just delivering results. We have a dynamic team of unique and interesting people… and we want each of them to enjoy their work. When you love what you do, it really shows.

Just because we work remotely, doesn’t mean we can’t let our personalities shine and bring the fun to work. And our team takes every opportunity they get to add to our team culture and make work fun.

It’s not uncommon for Noelle Reyes, one of our talented Content Producers to turn up to our Zoom content team meetings as a pen… or sometimes she is a pickle… or a potato.

“I’m not afraid to be myself with our team. Even though we all work from home, we have great relationships. Our content team starts most mornings with a quick catch up over Zoom to see check in on the progress of tasks and help each other with ideas. I like to bring a little personality to the meeting which the team seems to appreciate!”

We also have an hour in our calendar each week for the whole team to get together over Zoom to run through our highlights and challenges for the week and talk about what is going on in our lives outside of work.

Working from home with kids

Working from home with kids

A large number of our Brilliant Digital team members are parents. In fact, Brilliant Digital was started by Deb Croucher so she could balance caring for her daughter with building a fulfilling career… and each member of the team has the same opportunity.

It’s not uncommon in our team Zoom meetings for our kids to make an appearance, particularly while the parents in our team have been managing homeschooling through COVID-19.

Sara Keli manages her role as a Senior Content Producer around her two young daughters, aged 3 and 6.

“I have never experienced a team quite like ours before. I can balance my working hours around my family and client needs. I don’t have to feel guilty about helping my daughter with her schoolwork because I got up early that morning to work on writing a series of client blogs. And I never have to feel guilty while I am in a Zoom meeting with a client because I have just spent an hour doing craft with the kids. I really have the best of both worlds.”

Family comes first at Brilliant Digital… and we know that when we support our team to manage their caring responsibilities, they give back tenfold in the results they deliver for our clients. It simply makes sense.

Build the right systems

Build the right systems

In any business, getting your systems right is crucial. And when you are working remotely, those systems become even more important… but they also give you so much more flexibility to manage your team.

Leah Jeffreys is our extraordinary Systems Manager, ensuring we have the processes and platforms we need for successful remote working.

“I spend a lot of time looking at how our team is working and finding the right systems to support that. We were early adopters of cloud solutions such as Google Drive and have used Zoom as our meeting software for many years.

The really exciting thing for me is the number of different software options we have available for project and workflow management and the other systems we need to run our business. Our team is so receptive to new technologies because the better our systems, the easier it is for us to do our job – me included!”

We aren’t afraid of change here at Brilliant Digital. The digital world is fast-moving, so we keep pace with the change so we are at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Set real work hours

Set real work hours

Flexible work isn’t just for parents. When you offer flexibility universally it allows your team to fit their work around their other interests. Without a long commute to and from work every day, all of a sudden you get hours back in your day that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

And with those extra hours, you can sometimes fall into the trap of filling them with work, instead of balancing work with the things you love.

As a family business, it’s so easy for us to fall into the trap of talking shop over the dinner table.

Work not only then takes over our lives but also becomes boring for the members of the family who don’t work in the business.

One of the members of our family and Project Manager extraordinaire, Stephanie Croucher, explains the approach we take to strike the right balance.

“There are always going to be days where you need to work past 5pm to finish a task… but generally we have a rule that at 5pm we shut our laptops and that is work done for the day. As much as we all love our work and the Brilliant Digital business, we all have interests outside of that.

This applies for the whole team. Flexibility is a two way street but we are never expected to work weekends or be available 24/7. As long as we meet our deliverables – which we all do – it’s up to each individual how we manage our time.”

Trust is crucial

Trust is crucial

The question that comes up most often when we talk about our flexible work environment is around trust… how do we know that our team is actually doing the work they are supposed to do? The simple answer is, you soon find out if they aren’t.

It all comes down to trust. We hire the right people. We train them to understand our systems and processes. We support them to do their job. And we keep the communication lines open so we are all on the same page.

Our Advertising Coordinator, Eden Richardson, is also an accomplished horse rider who competes at a national level.

“The flexibility I have at Brilliant Digital allows me to continue to pursue my passion for horses. I am often on the road for competitions but my manager knows my schedule and I manage my work around it. The team is actually so supportive of me and genuinely interested in my results at competitions.

That trust is so amazing. To know that I am valued for my contribution and trusted to deliver makes me work so much harder.”

Your digital marketing delivered

What you get when you work with Brilliant Digital is a passionate and hard-working team of seriously talented individuals totally focused on getting the best results for you. We have hundreds of happy clients who can attest to our ability to deliver next-level websites and digital marketing, all while working from home.

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