Should you choose a WordPress website for your business?

Posted by Deb Croucher | August 22, 2020

Key learnings:

  • The benefits of choosing WordPress for your business website
  • The different elements of a WordPress website that can boost your digital brand
  • How to be strategic with your WordPress website to deliver the best results

Wix? Squarespace? WordPress? You’ve likely looked into each option for your website. Essentially they all offer the same service – a platform to build your website on – but the biggest difference comes down to results.

If you’re looking for a good looking website design, they can all tick the box. If you want functionality, they all offer it to a degree. But if you want a website that will work hard for you – harder than any employee you’ve ever had working for you – a WordPress website is the answer.

Off the shelf websites

Your website design must absolutely reflect your brand. If it doesn’t, you risk confusing your market… and you will never build the trust and connection you need for sustained business growth.

The beauty of a WordPress website is that you have seemingly endless options for choosing a website design to accurately represent your business.

If website design cost is a major concern, you can buy an off the shelf template design and fit it to your business. You can change the colours of the template, add your own logo and images and, in most cases, select from a variety of pre-determined layouts for pages and blog posts.

For startup businesses or those purely in the B2C space, this is an affordable way to get your website up and running…

… but for anyone in the B2B space looking for a business website, it simply won’t work. Your brand strategy should drive your website design… not a generic template that will dilute your brand messaging.

An off the shelf WordPress template is limiting. It will not have the flexibility you need to evolve with your business… and you will very quickly outgrow it.

Custom WordPress websites

If you’re looking to create a website that is uniquely you, that speaks directly to your market and delivers a return on investment many times over… then a custom professional WordPress website is the best solution.

While a custom design will be more costly… you will get a much greater return on your investment.

When you get your website right from the beginning, you won’t need to redesign it every six months as your business grows. A successful WordPress website will see you through two to three years of solid business growth… and set you up perfectly for the next iteration.

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A strategic approach

Building a website requires leadership and strategy to succeed. It needs a digital strategist who can look at the total picture, understand your market and build a brand strategy that will resonate with your market.

Strategy and leadership add significantly to the success of your WordPress website. This is where you will find the greatest value.

Work with a website designer and strategist who have a track record of designing WordPress websites that look fantastic, work seamlessly across devices and send a strong and consistent brand message to the market.

Functionality and capability

A great website extends beyond the “look and feel” through to the website content and the way it’s organised, as well as the technical architecture of the website and user experience.

Each of these components carries equal importance. Website design and functionality must work hand in hand together.

Think of your website as a house. If you use a shoddy bricklayer, the house could come crashing down. And with websites, a shoddy developer can have the same effect. A WordPress website is a great foundation to build your digital home. Start there and find a competent coding team to lay the bricks.

Content management system

A content management system (CMS) is the software you use to create, manage, and modify the content on your website.

Ideally, the CMS should be intuitive without the need for specialised technical knowledge. If it’s not, you’ll end up tearing your hair out every time you need to change an image or add new content to your website. Or worse, you won’t make changes at all and your website won’t get the love and care it needs.

The WordPress CMS is highly intuitive. It is easy to navigate. And adding, changing and editing content on your website is a breeze.


Having your website hacked is not a position you ever want to find yourself in. But sadly, there are hackers out there constantly scouring for their next website to break and enter.

A WordPress website will be secure… if your developer knows what they are doing. While website security is not solely limited to the code on your site, quality code is a good deterrent for possible hackers.

The other huge factor in website security is the quality of your host. While the lure of cheap hosting can be tempting, it’s unlikely a cheap host will offer 24/7 hack prevention and fixes. Look for a quality host who offers you the security – and peace of mind – you need.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of best investments you will ever make in your website. Because at the end of the day, if you no one can find your website – and free Google organic search traffic is the best way for them to find you – then your website may as well not exist.

A WordPress website makes it simple to incorporate SEO from the get-go. You can use plugins and intuitive functionality within the WordPress backend to structure your website so Google can easily find the information it needs.

The value of SEO might not be immediately visible to you… but when you start seeing the high quality traffic flowing in from organic search, you will be thankful you spent the time to get it right.

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