Why WordPress is our first choice in custom website development

Posted by Lani Fouche | June 30, 2021

Developing a website from scratch has so many layers to it.

There’s an important initial strategic phase, followed by compelling digital storytelling, clever coding and smart website design – all optimised for search and keeping the end user front and centre.

A custom-built WordPress website can be your hardest working employee… if done right.


Understanding WordPress

Many business owners who seek the services of a digital marketing agency aren’t necessarily well versed in the technical side of website development.

That’s why it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying pretty looking off-the-shelf websites with established themes and limited capabilities. See, that is exactly the problem – while it may look beautiful, it may not really work for your business.

But when you start the conversation with your trusted digital marketing agency, you’ll be amazed at the capabilities of a custom WordPress website.

In essence, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), meaning that its users are continually populating and updating the open-source library and contributing to keep it running. At Brilliant Digital, we only use WordPress in building brilliant custom websites for our clients. And there’s a multitude of reasons why we’re sticking with WordPress.

An intuitive platform for experts and non-experts

“The free ‘self hosted’ WordPress is great for beginners. With a few clicks of a button, you can install it on your website or even to your computer,” explains Brilliant Digital’s Senior Project Manager, Stephanie Croucher.

Because it is such a popular system, with WordPress powering over 30-40% of all websites, there is a lot of help available and a ton of resources.

One of the most important things in developing a website is keeping the user in mind. Our team of strategists, content creators and website developers have worked hard in the last ten years to refine what and how we implement WordPress on our websites, while keeping the CMS easily manageable for users.

“This is not an easy feat! We have incredibly skilled developers who understand the relationship between building an incredible system, with all the bells and whistles, while still keeping it incredibly manageable on the back end,” says Stephanie.

The sky's the limit

“Probably the most amazing capability of WordPress is its (almost) infinite flexibility – the limit is your imagination! There is no kind of website that cannot be built on WordPress, which is pretty amazing,” explains Stephanie.

The White House actually uses a WordPress website and even the Microsoft Blog is created using WordPress.

“Because it is an open-source community, contributors are consistently creating upgrades and plugins to assist with upgrades, to continue to ensure a fantastic and seamless user experience.”

WordPress is also extensible, which means your website can evolve indefinitely alongside your business. Want to incorporate a blog forum? There’s a compatible plugin. Need a timetable on a page? It can be coded in. Within the confines of good web and end user focused design, there is really no limit to the power of WordPress.

Google loves our WordPress sites

What Google thinks of your website might be one of our most important considerations when refining your digital brand and building your website. Because you want people to find you on the internet, you need to impress Google. And Google loves WordPress websites, because Google loves good SEO!

Stephanie explains: “Because WordPress has been around for so long, it has matured alongside Google, so developers have continually kept up with guidelines and changes in the Google algorithms to be able to continually meet these criteria.”

WordPress is an incredibly SEO-friendly solution. At its core, WordPress has a lot of great SEO features (not to mention what you can add and customise), which include things like:

  • SEO friendly permalinks – WordPress comes with the ability to produce ‘pretty permalinks’. This means that it allows you to control the keyword that the page outputs to, for example ‘www.sallyshairsalon/styles’. You can control this and it is extremely beneficial for SEO.
  • Content is king – Compelling content has become the tool to stand apart in search engines. WordPress makes creating quality content as easy as using a word processor. Multimedia content support like audio, imagery and videos are built-in and easy to use.
  • Image optimization – You have full control over the ALT tags and descriptions, which is vitally important for SEO.
  • Google gets notified – When you produce a new post, WordPress automatically lets Google know this. So every time you update your content, it will be updated to major search engines like Google, Bing and other ping servers.

Plugins for added value

To add more functionality and benefits to your WordPress website, there are extremely useful plugins available.

“In my opinion, SEO plugins are some of the smartest plugins there are out there, given that the primary purpose of your website should be to drive up your digital presence through ranking well on Google. Plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO are sophisticated tools that allow you to improve on-page SEO scores without a lot of difficulty,” says Stephanie.

Extending your website to your newsletters and EDMs, the CF7 and CF7 for Mailchimp plugins are handy to create neat and tidy contact forms that allow you to easily engage with your audience and can connect to your Mailchimp database.

Stephanie adds: “Wordfence is probably one of the most important plugins you can have on your website. It’s a security based plugin and adds a firewall to the website to block malicious traffic.”

Implementing and managing ERP integrations for your website become easy because of WordPress’s integration capabilities.

What’s in it for your digital marketing campaign?

A custom professional WordPress website is the best solution if you’re looking to create a website that is uniquely you, that speaks directly to your market and delivers a return on investment many times over.

While a custom design will be more costly than buying a theme, you will get a much greater return on your investment.

When you get your website right from the beginning, you won’t need to redesign it every six months as your business grows. A successful WordPress website will see you through two to three years of solid business growth and set you up for the next iteration.

Partner with the experts in custom WordPress websites

Building a website requires leadership and strategy to succeed. It needs a digital strategist who can look at the total picture, understand your market and build a brand strategy that will resonate with your market.

Strategy and leadership add significantly to the success of your WordPress website. This is where you will find the greatest value.

Work with a website designer and strategist who have a track record of designing WordPress websites that look fantastic, work seamlessly across devices and send a strong and consistent brand message to the market.

At Brilliant Digital, we’ve built many hundreds of business websites for our clients… and each of them has delivered the same result – sustained brand growth.

Contact us to start a conversation.

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