Why Deep Websites Deliver

A website of substance?

A world of shallow websites…

I’m sure you’ve been there. Websites with beautifully designed home pages which promise great things… you excitedly click through to learn more…

…and the rest of the pages are poorly thought out and lack any substance. Often the sub-pages of the shallow site have a photo at the top and then a huge chunk of badly written text which you just can’t be bothered to read. So you don’t. And you head back to Google.


Create depth and get results

Remember this.

Your visitors are coming to your site for information. They want to know if you have the answers they need.

Ultimately they want to know if you can solve their problems or make their dreams come true.

A great website is the ultimate marketing tool. You can explain exactly what you offer and why a potential client would be wise to invest with you.

But cold visitors will not turn into serious prospects unless you give them enough information to make an informed choice.

Offering detailed, honest and interesting information on your site is the best way to educate your visitors to make an informed choice.

So for example if you’re a financial planner… and you don’t include a page explaining about how you work with clients to find the right insurance policies for their individual circumstances… people will assume you don’t offer insurance.

Crazy of course. All financial planners offer insurance advice. But that’s how people think.

How do I offer lots of depth without overwhelming people?

I hear you. There’s nothing more off-putting for your visitors than large chunks of text on a website. So be smart about how you offer your information.

My rule of thumb is no more than 4 lines of text per paragraph. Hit return a lot when you’re writing!

Break your text up with headings and sub-headings – this makes it easy for people to quickly navigate to the section they want and skip over things that don’t interest them.

Keep your text active and interesting. The internet is not a formal medium. Language is relaxed and upbeat – write how you talk.  Don’t ever write the way you did for your university essays.

Start with the most common things people want to know at the top of the page… and then drill into more detail as you scroll down. Some will read it all. Some won’t.

People who are ready to buy will read it all… trust me!

Take a look at some of our work to see some websites with substance.

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