Why storytelling is the key to digital marketing success

Steve Jobs knew the power of a great story. He said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.”

He’s right. Without question, the most powerful way to promote your business is through the use of storytelling.

Why are stores so effective at growing your brand?

It comes down to the fact that we are hardwired to like stories, as opposed to facts and logic.

Every business person who has done a PowerPoint presentation to an audience will have seen people switching off – it’s the charts, graphs and numbers that are having that soporific effect! We’re not hardwired to like that kind of information.

But if you tell a story about those numbers, it’s amazing how different the response is. People listen and they take notice.

And more excitingly, they remember what they’re hearing. They walk away with that memory locked into their brain.

So where do you start?

Stories connect emotionally human to human; they build trust; they build memory and they drive action.

And there are 4 essential stories that you must tell. These need to be layered on your website and come through in every piece of your content:

Your personal story, your business story, your product or service story and your customer story.


Your personal story

People do business with people. The personal story of the people that make up your business is where you can build trust and make an emotional connection. Their stories are interesting and need to be told.

These stories can be woven into your brand storytelling. And they can illustrate why your team comes to work every day.

Your business story

The business story – the classic About Us page. Only it’s not really that About ‘Us’…

The About Us page should be about what your business can do for your customer, and how you can solve the customer’s problems.

It’s where the product stories can start to unfold.

Your product or service story

There are brilliant and innovative ways to tell stories about your product or service that go beyond listing the features. You need to present the products in terms of how they solve people’s problems. That’s what will provide the hook and get people’s attention.

And most important of all… your customer story

This is key – if you don’t know what problems your customer is facing, and how you solve them, you cannot build a brand story.

The very best brands know their customers, and their problems, inside out.

If you don’t know, you have to go and find that out before you think about marketing.

Life, online

In today’s world, we don’t just go online every now and then… we live online.

People who are online all the time are being bombarded with stuff and they are over it. They are sick of the noise.

But when they do come across a story or they Google something and get a story about it, they will actually like that… they will enjoy it… and they will give you their attention.

Once you have their attention you have some hope to cut through the noise, open the door and make a sale…

… It is at this point that people start to connect with your brand and they feel an emotional warmth around the story. When that happens the trust starts to build and they are way more likely to move down the path towards a sale.

And even if they’re not ready for a sale today, the fact that they enjoyed the story and connected emotionally means they’re way more likely to remember your brand. So down the track when they are ready, or their friend is ready, there is an opportunity there for you to make a sale.

Unless you tell your story effectively online you are missing out on the most powerful marketing there is. Talk to us today about unlocking your business’ potential with powerful digital storytelling.

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