Why Responsive Web Design is Vital for Successful Digital Marketing

Google has made it clear*…

Give your visitors a good mobile experience and they’ll give you a better search engine ranking. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the opposite of this… if you’re not mobile friendly… worse rankings.

It makes sense.

If your customers have to scroll across and then expand sections of a website to see it on your mobile you’re not giving them a good experience.

They’ll just hit the back button and find a website where they can simply scroll down to see what they want.

In the past we got round this by building separate mobile sites. The mobile site was designed to fit exactly on a smart phone with simple large navigation buttons and pared down text.


  1. Mobile sites often had less content on them so mobile visitors missed out on useful information
  2. You now have the headache of 2 websites to maintain (content has to be changed in 2 places)
  3. There was no separate design for different size smart phones or ipads.

So what’s the solution?

Responsive websites have been given the ‘thumbs up’ by Google as best practice and the best way forward.

Responsive websites change automatically to suit the size of screen they are displayed on.

If you’re on a desktop device, you can check if a site is responsive by grabbing the bottom right corner of you browser window and slowly changing the size of the screen by moving the corner up and to the left.

As the screen gets narrower you’ll see elements of the design change to fit the screen.

Try it now with this website. You’ll see how clever website design changes the website as the screen size gets smaller. Check us out on an iphone – bbim.com.au – you’ll see how the design has been adapted to suit the smaller screen.

Building a responsive website takes a lot of design flair and technical skill. And of course that’s just the start… you also need to consider site structure, marketing content and search engine optimisation…

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* Read the Google webmasters blog here and a summary of the information here

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