Why Marketing Driven Growth delivers Sustainability

A marketing driven approach to growth delivers the clients you want and relies less on expensive, highly skilled sales teams.

And as the business owner it’s also easier to stay in control.

Gold Star Clients

The best marketing and is open, honest and truthful. 

If you market well, your website explains exactly what you do for who and why. And if you’re smart you’ll also tell them how you deliver your results and use examples, case studies and testimonials to build trust.

And the best thing about this open, honest and truthful marketing is that it connects with the clients you want. The ones that fit with your business.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

The wonderful gold star clients who are highly profitable and make you and your team smile because they are so awesome to deal with. (And because you’ve been honest about what you do… you can easily over-deliver). So these gold star clients also tell everyone how wonderful you are and become superb lead generators for you.

Gotta love that. That’s got to be a smart way to build sustainability into your business.

So great marketing delivers the leads you want. And once these leads are clients, they generate more lovely leads just like them.

But can’t great sales do the same thing? Can’t a great sales person bring superb clients into your business?

Yes they can. Of course they can. But they don’t always in my experience.

Sales people make sales with prospects they connect with. These clients might be great for your business… but they might not be.  It depends on the sales persons’ personality to a great extent.

And as I’m sure you know… the one thing worse than no clients… is the wrong clients. Clients that drain your energy and your teams’ energy, cost you money and make you wonder why on earth you every started out in business in the first place…

Hmmm… so with a sales driven approach to growth you’re potentially handing over a lot of the choice over which clients come into your business… to a sales person.

Which is fine… as long as you understand that.

Focused Marketing and Lower Skill Sets

Let’s flip back to the marketing based approach to growth.

As well as your marketing content being focused… you can also be highly focused with who you target. For example you can set up your digital advertising so that your ads show to exactly your target market.


So you’ve told told the right people what you do and how you do it. And when they call they are already interested and they know all about you.

So how easy is it to convert them?…

Clearly it’s child’s play compared to a cold sales call.

So you don’t need highly skilled sales people on massive salaries to convert these warm leads to sales. Good. There’s more labour available at that level and it costs you less.

Rinse and Repeat

And that brings me back to growth. Finding a formula that works and then doing it over and over again.

With a marketing based approach to getting new business clearly you can easily scale up your marketing. For example you can focus on the same demographic in wider geographical areas. Cool.

And then because your team who convert the leads to sales are not necessarily highly skilled, expensive sales staff… you have a plentiful supply of relatively low cost labour. Labour that is happy to be trained to work the way you want.

And because you’re attracting the clients you want… you have an ever increasing group of advocates telling everyone how wonderful you are.

Happy Days!

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