Why it’s important to get your website on to HTTPS

We see the letters HTTP* and HTTPS every day.

But what do they mean and why are they important for the security and success of your website?

At Brilliant Digital our coding and website standards are second to none. And our forward thinking approach means we work to ensure our clients are not impacted negatively by changes in technology – especially when it comes to data security.

And that’s where that additional ‘S’ comes in.

What is HTTP?

HTTP and HTTPS are the letters found at the beginning of your website address or URL.

HTTP is the protocol that encrypts data from a website before it lands on your browser. Developers write each website’s code in a specific way for it to appear on your device in the way that it does. And before the website accesses your device, that code is scrambled to protect that website’s data from hacking.

HTTPS is essentially the same thing, but the S stands for Secure.

The difference is that as well as encrypting the code before it arrives on your device, it’s also encrypting the data on your device before it reaches that website.

“HTTPS is protecting your data, and it’s protecting that website’s data,” says Hayley Rothery, Brilliant Digital Operations Manager.

Why it’s important to get your website on to HTTPS

Why do you need to know?

**In America, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, and small businesses account for 43% of cyber attacks. Hacking is big business and Google knows that it’s important to address the problem.

In October 2017, Google started a huge push to get people to move their websites on to https. It penalises those that don’t.

Not making the move affects businesses in two ways, neither of which you want to experience. Hayley Rothery explains:

“First, a warning on those websites appears, notifying users that it’s not a secure website. So people are turning away from those websites rather than continuing on and taking a risk.

And secondly, it’s also affecting your Google ranking. Google is dropping your website down lower on the list because it sees your site as unsecured.”

Why it’s important to get your website on to HTTPS

What can you do?

Fortunately, there is a simple and safe way to secure your site, and that’s to move your website to HTTPS.

You need to purchase an SSL certificate which is going to bind your website to data encryption and enable the encryption to happen.

“This proves to the user that you are who you say you are on your website. And it allows your data and the website’s data to be encrypted both ways,” says Hayley.

“At Brilliant Digital, using HTTPS for all new website builds, and with conversions for existing clients, we are safeguarding our clients’ websites against increased hacking threats.

It’s not just a matter of changing your domain name by adding the S, however. This can affect your SEO … so we put in transfers to maintain your Google ranking. If customers land on your website, they will be diverted to the secured version and will not be greeted with a security warning.

We also maintain your Google Analytics traffic, to make sure it’s tracking the up to date, secure version.

Why it’s important to get your website on to HTTPS

Security is serious business

What happens if you don’t take seriously the need to move to HTTPS?

Well, the longer you wait to put your site on the secure version, the further it’s going to affect your SEO.

Your website will drop down the Google ranking and your site will slip out of view.

If that isn’t bad enough, the security error messages are big and ugly and VERY noticeable on your website. Your prospects will see them and will not take the risk with their data.

Get smart. Get secure. Don’t wait to make the essential move to HTTPS.

*HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
**data source https://www.cybintsolutions.com/cyber-security-facts-stats/

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