Why it's important to be strategic about your marketing

If you want great results from your digital marketing and year on year growth… awareness of your online brand and an increase in your digital footprint… you need to think strategically.

What doesn’t work is tinkering with random, disconnected marketing activities… Posting things every now and then on Facebook, the odd LinkedIn or Twitter post, or fiddling with your website…

…There is no cohesive thinking with this. It is a waste of your time and money, and won’t allow you to make any headway. What you’re missing is strategic thinking.

Clear brand strategy

A strategic approach to your marketing is really important.

A well developed brand strategy makes it easy for your customers to clearly understand who you are and what you stand for, and what your product or service can do for them.

Key to that strategy should be clear and engaging brand storytelling as the core component of your website.


Start with an effective website

It is a waste to spend your money on Google and Facebook ads to drive traffic to a website that isn’t delivering sales enquiries and business growth.

And if your site isn’t delivering new business or helping you with conversion or leads to sales, you have to fix it.


Your number 1 priority should be to get your website working for you effectively, with great storytelling content and product information.

Then you can use all those wonderful tools out there to get people to see your work, read your stories and watch your videos. This is when they will engage with your band.

The right tools deliver

And the digital marketing tools out there really are fantastic. SEO and free Google Search are still so valuable – we use them to drive people to your website.

Google Adwords are used in so many industries and we can get very good results with them.

And Facebook knows everything about your prospects. Using Facebook ads allows us to highly target markets that you want, and bring them to your website to engage with your brand.

Connect with your brand

But to see the biggest benefit from these tools, you must be strategic.

You must tell your customers where to come, deliver a clear and consistent message, and bring them in to connect with your brand.

Otherwise you will cost yourself a lot money with little return on investment.

Good luck!

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