What’s your (digital) point of view?

Another day ends with a stunning sunset …….

Or does it?

Well that depends on your point of view.

Think about it. The sun never actually sets. After all if it did we’d all be in dire straits!

But we’re taught that the sun sets… and the daily disappearance of the Sun below the western horizon as a result of the Earth’s rotation reinforces our belief.

You’d be hard pushed to convince most people otherwise.

Why do you believe you must invest in website?

Why do you believe you must invest in website?

For years businesses have been told they must have a website.

Many have dutifully obliged investing in lack lustre content and a confusing layout.

The result is often little more than a poorly designed and self-indulgent online CV.

With this task complete they focus on marketing their services by traditional means like print, word of mouth referral and face to face networking… not expecting their new website to actually deliver a return on their investment.

From their point of view why would they? – like the concept of a daily sunset – they know no different.

But, if you were to watch the sun from miles above the earth you’d never see a sunset. Nothing has changed – other than your point of view of course.

So can your website have more value than just a tick the box item?

So can your website have more value than just a tick the box item?

In today’s business world your target audience is now living their life online. They ask Google about everything. And guess where Google sends them?

Yep your website.

Even people you meet in person will check your website out before deciding to engage your services.

In fact for many people your website is the first contact they will have with your company. It’s like a door they choose to open… or not…

So maybe as a new point of view you could consider making your website a door they’ll be keen to open to discover what you can do for them.

Maybe you could see it as a highly effective lead generation tool that will convert them from a casual visitor to a warmed up, educated lead ready to do business?

The Reality

The reality is that if you’ve not yet invested in a website that converts casual visitors into leads (and a solution to drive traffic to the website) you are undoubtedly missing out.

Maybe it’s time you changed your digital point of view?

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