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Brand Positioning - Online Strategy

When a business adopts a winning digital strategy the outcome is a steady flow of qualified, educated leads and a massive return on investment.

However we find many business owners are jaded by a previous experience where a poor digital strategy delivered the wrong leads or even no leads. The business owner often feels frustrated because they burned cash and wasted valuable opportunities.

Brilliant Digital’s proven digital strategies deliver quality leads and return on investment over and over again for a range of businesses.

Our initial clarity meeting follows a proven process we’ve developed over many years. A digital strategist runs the meeting with one of our writers and a digital project manager by their side. We ask a lot of probing questions to dig out the key stories behind the business which will deliver the results.

Our digital strategist then sets the team in motion by briefing the content writer and creating the structure for the online platforms. The business owner can then get back to work and leave us to deliver our magic.


Telling Your Story to Communicate Value

Digital storytelling is the powerhouse of digital marketing. Stories grab attention and quickly build connection and trust. Stories also create memorable brands.

Many of our clients have had challenging experiences where their previous agency left them to write their own content or employed an inexperienced writer who didn’t know how to craft content that delivers leads. The resultant website didn’t reflect the company and didn’t deliver results.

We have years of experience and a proven track record of brand storytelling and creating core content that gets our clients the leads they want. Our team of writers are skilled wordsmiths with extensive experience. We give them specialist additional training at Brilliant Digital to write for digital media.

Photographs are crucial. The right images connect with ideal customers and make them feel good about a business. We arrange and manage photo shoots using specialist photographers for specific applications.

The result is killer content that engages with visitors, filters out prospects who don’t fit the business model and delivers a steady flow of ideal clients. And man does that transform a business!


Striking & Inspiring Website Design

Striking branding and digital design grabs and holds the attention of your ideal customer. Unless your digital platforms grab your market in the first few seconds… it’s game over.

Our design team specialise in all aspects of digital design and in particular bespoke websites. Our designs are clean, organised, modern and fresh.

Brilliant Digital websites give a great first impression and… very importantly… a great user experience. Superb design features continue through the whole website – not just on the home page.

Our websites are an appealing gateway, quickly and clearly directing potential customers to the information they need. We constantly refine user experience to maximise conversion rates.

We are SEO experts and design with Google in mind so clients get ever increasing volumes of valuable organic traffic.

The end result is a striking look and feel that our clients are proud of and that delivers the connected and qualified leads they are looking for.


Build Website & Social Media Platforms

If your website is well built it will load fast and work well. It will also be a joy to work with.

Many clients come to us complaining that their existing site is very difficult to work with and unreliable. Because of this the website has generally not been updated in a while and has become a poor representation of and negative drain on the business.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our website coding. In particular we build flexible platforms which allow content managers to construct complex page layouts without any coding knowledge and without affecting the design integrity.

Our sites include an integral blog so our content specialists can add articles and case studies which grow organic Google traffic, provide content for social media and further position our customers brands.

The websites we build become a useful profit generating tool for our clients a massive digital asset for their business.


Market & Re-market to Reach Your Target

Once you have a core platform that reliably converts to educated leads, you need to connect and re-connect with your market until they are ready to buy.

If you have a high value product your market need to see your brand on average 11 times before they buy.

Many of our clients have tried to do this marketing work in house and quickly realised they are unable to find anyone with the multiple skill-sets required to deliver a result.

Our multi-skilled team of strategists, designers, writers, programmers, search specialists, digital advertising specialists and social media experts achieve rapid business growth for our clients.

For each client we choose the right mix of blogging, video marketing, advertising and retargeting, competitor targeting, social media marketing and database marketing.

We measure carefully what’s giving the best return on investment and refine our campaigns accordingly. This delivers a snowballing effect of ever increasing returns and many many happy long-standing clients.

Brilliant Digital Success Stories

Sales have doubled for Water Filters Australia

“…digital marketing is measurable. You’re able to easily determine whether the money you’re spending is worth the cost incurred. When I compare what we have on our website with other businesses, we’re streets ahead.”

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IAN Donald Screenshot
A winning combination for Ian Donald

‘Brilliant Digital brings in the people who might not have been past before… and keeps our brand in people’s minds. I would say digital marketing is a good, very worthwhile investment to make in your business.’

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Access to a global market for Romar

‘Our enquiries are about 90% domestic and 10% offshore. The only way to grow our business that made sense to me was to make us more accessible to that global market. It was a no-brainer to embrace digital marketing to achieve this.’

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A Winning Start to the Year for Flagstaff Marine

In terms of how we’re going since engaging with Brilliant Digital, we’re seeing a lift in the market. There is a definite improvement in our enquiry and conversion rate… It’s been a great start to the year.’

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