What skill sets do you need for effective SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for your website to rise to the top of Google ranking. It can’t happen without it.

But businesses often make the mistake of thinking that SEO success is all down to the technical people.

Today it’s not about that – a number of skills are needed to make it work.

Deb Croucher explains, “At Brilliant Digital we build expertly optimised websites for our clients every day of the week.

And every skill set that’s involved in building those websites – from digital strategists and writers to designers and coders – needs to be across SEO. Every team member plays their part in generating free, organic Google gold.”

What skill sets do you need for effective SEO?

The big picture

The digital strategist will draw the picture and set the direction at the beginning of the website build.

They will look at the overall landscape of the market that the client is in, their target audience and everything that makes that business tick.

They will identify the keywords that people search for within that market. And they will come up with an overarching strategy that shapes and drives the SEO from the get-go.

What skill sets do you need for effective SEO?

More than words

The writers and storytellers who create content for the website must be across SEO.

They must understand how to write compelling, engaging, rich content that people want to read.

And they must also know how to use carefully placed keywords and tags to make sure that Google will list their beautiful content.

What skill sets do you need for effective SEO?

Looks good, works great

Website designers have their part to play in SEO too. They have to design websites that look good and catch a prospect’s eye. But they must also understand what designs Google likes and apply that knowledge to the design process.

This includes designs that will load quickly … and that will load properly on a variety of mobile devices.

It’s really important that your coding team has an in-depth understanding of SEO as well. They have to know how to build a site that’s Google friendly.

They have to take particular care when they structure a website. The URL is important … the framework used … the way pages link back to each other. These more technical elements are vital for SEO success and must not be underestimated.

What skill sets do you need for effective SEO?

Keep chipping away

Deb adds, “Once our websites go live, the SEO work is not finished. It is an ongoing effort that our writers and account managers stay on top of.”

When writers craft great content that disseminates out on social media, people will naturally link back to that content on your website to find out more. And that’s exactly what you want …

that process grows your organic traffic and is an essential part of SEO.


Businesses are realising that the idea of simply getting an SEO expert to ‘fix’ their website’s SEO is outdated and unrealistic.

“Every person that touches your website needs to consider SEO. And there must be a strategy in order to deliver results,” says Deb.

If you have the right set of skills in place, each playing their part, your website will rise up the Google ranking. The amount of traffic will be phenomenal. And the sales and the leads will follow from there.”

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