What makes a good product story on your website?

Firstly you’ve got know your customer inside out and know exactly what problems they have that you’re trying to solve. Everything comes back to solving their problems.

And it’s also important to know how their problems make them feel. If you can tap into how they’re feeling now versus how they’ll feel after you product has helped them, you’re able to present that emotional journey.

Simple is best

Next, you need to Keep It Simple. One way to look at this is to acknowledge that every owner is really entrenched in their own business and knows their own product inside out.

But you can know too much and assume knowledge that isn’t there.

Keep your product page simple so a year 7 student could read and understand it. If it’s too confusing, your prospects will leave your website. To see how a simple approach can work, have a look at Brilliant Digital’s What We Do page.

Get excited!

Someone told me once that sales is a transfer of excitement; but that only works if YOU ARE EXCITED!

A boring product page that you’re not thrilled about will have no chance of getting a customer excited- they will go elsewhere where there’s something engaging going on.

You’ve got to transfer that excitement for your product to the customer and that’s when they will connect.


Layering information on your website is very important. Show your products’ key features… then add imagery, videos, customer reviews… layer information throughout so people can pick and choose to engage in the medium that they prefer.

Show your success

Customer stories are a cool idea.

Tell the stories of customers who have gone on a journey with you. Describe how your product or service has helped them to get from point A to point B.

This works really well, and is a great way to relate to and connect with your prospects – take a look at Brilliant Digital’s Success Stories here.

Make it easy

You have to present your product in a way that makes it easy for people to absorb the information in their own way.

That might be through copy, photos, video, podcasts if it works… for people on their smartphones, or sitting at their computers… or even people in traffic!

Remember to make it really easy to contact you too – make sure it’s compelling to fill in your contact form and get those enquiries flowing!

Here's one we made earlier

Have a look at Flagstaff Marine to see these ideas in action. We take the customer on a journey through these pages and we’ve had huge success in selling lots of boats, and getting people excited.

There are 2 types of customer here. Repeat customers who know the brand and boats and want lots of information. And the other  greener customers who want a gentle introduction to the product and information they can understand to get them out on the water.

There is enough technical information for experienced boat owners, and enough basic information to bring people in who are important and new to brand. If you read the copy it is very simple – you don’t need to be a sailor to understand it.

Everything on the site is active and upbeat. Beautiful text layered throughout, fab photos, and video where possible which engages with people really well. Then a customer story of someone who’s enjoyed buying and owning a boat is the icing on the cake.

This website is very easy to navigate. A website can be beautiful, but it must also be easy to navigate for customers 55 plus. If it’s just pretty, they will just leave. Keep it simple and easy.

Finally it includes a great contact form, with a gentle call to action, and a phone number that’s consistently on the right top-hand corner. This website is allowing Flagstaff Marine to get fantastic conversion rates and is delivering qualified leads to them which is a great result.

Talk to Brilliant Digital today about telling your Product Story.

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