What is a storyteller?

What makes a great storyteller?

What makes a great storyteller?

Entertain your audience

Visual Storyteller Danny Pinn believes that our civilisation is built on great storytelling.

If you can tell a good story, then you can really communicate with your clients…

…A good example of using storytelling to get a message across is Jim Henson from Sesame Street.

He discovered that if he made learning fun and entertaining that children would learn lessons that way. It was the spoonful of sugar that made the medicine go down. It was educational, entertaining and engaging.”

Storytelling cuts through the noise

Storytelling cuts through the noise

Storytelling is a long-standing sales technique. Salespeople have used it forever to draw customers into a brand or product.

These days, our attention spans have shortened as we are bombarded with ads, images and messages, thousands of times a day.

So now more than ever, storytelling is an essential part of marketing strategies for businesses large and small.

Storyteller Sam Smith says, “Finding the crux of the story is essential when you are marketing businesses in the digital day and age, where there is so much content on the web.”

She’s right – a great storyteller has to craft content that will stand out and cut through the noise – and make an emotional connection.

Senior Storyteller and Editor Cathy Proctor says, “Storytelling works really well for our clients because people engage with stories. They remember stories. They make decisions based on the emotional connection they get with a story. Basically, storytelling shows a customer the heart and soul of a business.”

Stories create harmony

Stories create harmony

Storytellers use their unique skills to create harmony between everything else that is going on in your business…

…the internal messaging, the sales team, the marketing, the strategy, the customers, the brand, the product, the service.

It is the fabric that connects it all. And it delivers a tangible representation of your brand for your audience to engage with.

It is far more interesting and exciting to tell your client’s stories and show their journey with you than to rely on a dry product page to sell your wares. Like any traditional story, we can weave a tale with characters, a hero and even some suspense!

 Create something unique

Create something unique

Storyteller Sarah Joyce believes storytelling works so well with our clients because it gives them a point of difference in the marketplace.

“It makes what they’re doing or selling very relatable. Stories engage and instantly draw an audience in. It also helps to foster a brand identity and bring out the personality of the client’s business.

Think of a story as like adding the music to the client’s brand. It captivates. It thrills. It takes you on a journey. It has its own internal rhythms and beats.

And it should have an emotive power that goes beyond the transactional and clicks on an immediate level.

Ultimately stories give the clients something totally unique that no one else has.”

And it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – stories work for every business. A great storyteller will weave a common thread through all of your content: how your product or service helped your customer go from point A (not so great) to point B (awesome).

Not just any old story…

Not just any old story…

At Brilliant Digital our team of Digital Storytellers works closely with you from day one. We write the four stories every business must tell – the business story, the customer story, the product story and the team story. We interview your customers and write genuine, engaging, exciting case studies.

Digital Storyteller Jo-Lise Finn explains, “We’re expert storytellers. We come in and work with the client to understand the customer story, the business story, the brand story … we narrow their focus and provide them with a good solution to telling those stories.

Storytelling works well because it’s powerful. People need to connect emotionally with people and to businesses and to brands. If we can achieve that we’ve done our job”.

The stories we create become the hub of your website content and the basis for your ads and social media.

Stories communicate value

Stories communicate value

Storyteller Amelia Kirby says that the unique skill of a digital storyteller helps clients to get their message across consistently and effectively.

The key thing that we do for our clients is connect them with their audiences and their prospects through storytelling … they communicate the value of what that client can do or what they sell.

We stick to a strategic framework. We tell the client’s story in a way that will be most powerful, give them the best return on investment and deliver the best leads to them.”

 A winning strategy to grow your business

A winning strategy to grow your business

Storyteller Nicole Cubbin enjoys the challenge of getting a brand message out to people through storytelling.

“Storytelling is a less direct way of selling – it’s a gentler way to engage with a prospect.

It adds a personal touch to marketing and to communicating. And I think that’s why it works so well — everyone loves a story.”

At Brilliant Digital our storytellers take your strategy, your brand message, your goals and your customers’ needs … and we turn them into a narrative that evolves and grows with your business.

Talk to us about telling your story today.

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