What is a digital brand and why is yours mission critical?

Posted by Deb Croucher | December 18, 2020

Key learnings

  • What is a digital brand and the key elements that contribute to yours
  • The factors that make a digital brand so important to your success with digital marketing
  • Why old marketing no longer works

Whether you like it or not, the digital age is here to stay. To survive in business today, you must absolutely have a digital presence so your customers can find you online. It’s no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ or something for the big end of town.

But a presence alone isn’t sufficient. A digital presence isn’t enough to build trust with your prospective customers. And it won’t educate them about your products and services. More than a presence, you need a digital brand that will work hard for your business… and deliver a solid return on your digital investment.

What is a digital brand?

A digital brand is everything about you that exists online. More than a set of logos, fonts and colours, your digital brand encompasses your website, content, videos, emails, advertising, social media and the interactions you have with your customers on digital platforms.

Your website is the single largest element of your digital brand. It is where people go to learn about what you do for whom and why. On your website, your customers can research your products and services and you can provide them with useful information that will educate, inform and inspire.

The message on your website should be consistent throughout every page and blog post… and that consistency should continue beyond your website to every touchpoint you have with your customers both online and off.

Why is your digital brand so important?

These days, we live our lives online. We learn online and we communicate online. We stream our entertainment online and we read our books online. And increasingly, we shop online and do business online.

You can no longer stand out by paying for a larger ad in the Yellow Pages. You are now competing on a global – and very noisy – stage. And your digital brand is what will set you apart from your competitors.

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The millennial generation

Millennials have changed the way we do business. They won’t pick up the phone to make an enquiry with your business… they will instead Google until they find the answer.

Unless you are providing answers to those people with high quality, informative blogs, you simply aren’t in the picture.

Millennials are also probably older than the picture you have in your mind. The oldest millennials are now approaching 40 years of age.

They have significant buying power… and they aren’t afraid to use it online.

So, what do millennials look for in a digital brand? They don’t want to buy from faceless corporations, so they look for the story behind a business and the people within it.

They want to do their research online, so they look for brands that generously share their knowledge online.

Old marketing doesn’t work

The massive shift to online has happened over the last 20 years… and the pace of change is only increasing.

The reality is that old marketing no longer works in the way it once did. Cold calling is tiresome and ineffective. Letterbox drops are expensive and don’t get the cut-through they did in the past.

People go online to find what they’re looking for. And when you do have an offline interaction with a prospect, the first thing they will do is look you up online.

If there is a disconnect between your digital brand and the brand you have portrayed in your interaction, that is enough to cause your prospect to move on to the next business.

You only get one chance at a first impression

First impressions count. And you don’t get a second chance.

Your website is often the first time a potential customer will be introduced to your digital brand. A good website will open the door for them to discover your brand… but a bad website will see the door slam shut as they navigate to one of your competitors.

Unlock the power of your digital brand

A strong digital brand will help you to build trust and connections. And you will ultimately get a return on your investment. Over the last decade, we have built cohesive digital brands for many hundreds of clients. We know what it takes to get results.

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