Want to prevent your website being hacked?

When a hacker gets into your website it’s a nightmare.

They generally destroy and delete vital files including the core database and put malicious content on your site or stop it functioning altogether. And unless the problem is resolved very quickly their unwanted intrusion decimates your hard earned Google ranking…

Dealing with a hacked site is a big problem. If you don’t have a recent back-up of the site and database you’ll need to pay someone for hours and hours of tedious work going through the files, checking them and cleaning them up.

Once a hacker has been in a site once – he will try to hack it again, so constant monitoring becomes an ongoing cost…


Prevention is better than cure

It’s better to prevent website hacking than have to deal with it. Here’s our approach at Brilliant Blue to keeping the hackers out of our client’s websites

Quality code

A website built with quality code is like a house built with strong bricks and cement – hard to break into!

The first step to securing your website is to make that every single line of code on the site is high quality code.

Many times hackers get into websites through poorly coded files. A common example would be a low quality Wordpress plugin that the author has stopped updating.

At Brilliant Blue we only use quality plug-ins we know are reliable, or we code our own. We also avoid touching the WordPress core – our code goes over the top of WP files.  This makes the site harder to break into (and the website doesn’t break when WordPress updates itself).

Before you build your website, ask about the standard of the team coding your site and be sure they are top professionals who don’t cut corners.

Use strong passwords

Apparently the commonest password people use is 1234! Closely followed by ‘password’ and the users first name.

This is crazy!

If you do this you are literally leaving the keys in the door to your website.

Our rules for password creation are

  • never use any word in English language
  • use a mix of capitals, lower case and numbers
  • add a few of random symbols like this  +*<#

Online password storage packages are a good way of making sure you can always locate your passwords wherever you are. You could try Passpack or Last Pass – they are free if you don’t have many passwords.

Don’t mess with what you don’t understand

If you go ahead and add plugins to your beautifully coded website or do anything that disrupts the coding, you are risking a hack attack.

Go ahead and make text changes no problem – but don’t mess with parts of your website you don’t understand – you’re asking for trouble.

Sorry for the plain speaking but that’s just the way it is.

Get a decent server company

Most of business owners host our websites on shared hosting platforms (because it doesn’t make economic sense to have a private server for a small business website).

The problem with shared hosting is that once the hackers get into one site they can often use this a the tunnel to getting into all the other sites on that server.

A decent hosting company will constantly monitor the server and deal with attempted attacks as they happen.

Brilliant Blue hosts all our websites on a private dedicated server which includes:

– Web Application Firewall- mod_security rules updated immediately and constantly

– OS Live Kernel Patching – immediately

– System Software and Updates – proactive patching daily or immediately as required

– Malware and AntiVirus Scanning- all new or modified files are scanned immediately

– Password Brute-Force Protection – constant monitoring and automatic firewalling of FTP, SSH, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, cPanel Login, ModSec

– DDoS Protection

– Host-based Firewall

– Hardware Firewall – dedicated High-Availability Clustered Firewall

– Redundant Network Architecture

If you would like to chat about website security or any aspect of small business digital marketing contact us

I promise we’ll talk in plain English.

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