Great Looking Website... No Leads...

I hear it all the time…

“I have a great website… it looks really cool.”

“That’s awesome!” I say.  “Does it deliver qualified leads?”

“Well no… But it looks great.”


If your website is not delivering you new qualified leads… in my book it’s not working. Period. 

For me the measure of website success is a steady flow of new business. Regular qualified, warmed up leads landing in your inbox or ringing your reception staff. 

Sometimes when I tell business owners that’s what we deliver look at me sideways…

“I can’t imagine how that can happen in my line of business…” they say. “The right leads won’t contact us directly through a website.”


As one of our longstanding clients tells me every time we meet:

“The leads we get from the website are qualified and ready to go. I find at the first meeting that I’m not pitching like I used to be… instead I’m sitting with the client and working out how we’re going to move forwards.

They’ve already decided from reading the website that they want to do business with us… so we can just get on with it. The time and money I save is huge.”

If you can’t imagine what a good website can do for your business let me tell you about the power it holds.

Qualified leads ready to do business

A steady stream of qualified leads through your website is the new reality you WILL enjoy once you have the right website. A good website will send you prospects who are

  • bang on your target market and
  • ready to do business with you. 

Your website works 24/7, talks to 100s of people at the same time and doesn’t ask for days off or sick pay. And it’s where your target audience are today – online!

Why is your website not working?

For the vast majority of businesses the reason their website is not working is simple…

  • The business didn’t approach the website build with a clear strategy
  • The site contains inconsistent branding messages
  • The owners spent too much time tweaking the design and didn’t invest in great website content.

If you’re struggling to know where to start… begin with your best client. Think about the needs, wants and desires that prompted them to contact you in the first place. Make sure your website addresses those concerns then hit them bang between the eyes with the solutions you offer.

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