Why Would You Buy a Website Without Content?

What do you get when you buy a website without content?

When you buy a website without content you get a platform. First you get a design. And second you get the code that makes that design load in your web browser.

A design and some code.

And that’s it.

Buying a website without content is like buying a the empty shell of a car. It’s like buying the car in the picture above. The design and framework.

And that’s it.

You’ve still got to add the things that make it drive. You’ve still got to add the wheels and the engine. And you’ve still go to join everything together to create a seamless machine that can take you places.

Clearly unless you’re part of a team of highly skilled car professionals you’d never buy a car in this state.

Creating website content is really difficult

It amazes me that anyone serious about their business would invest in a website without content.

The content of your website is the key to your success (or failure) online. Content is what turns cold visitors into warm leads and drives sales. And correctly optimised content is the key to page one Google ranking.

Deciding what to write on a website, structuring the words and images in a way that people will engage and then making sure the content is correctly optimised for Google search is a highly skilled job.

It’s taken me 16 years and a lot of brainpower to get it right – and I’m still learning.

In fact I’d go so far as to say that branding your business, coming up with a content strategy then creating and adding the content is the most difficult part of your website build.

So why would business owners think they can create and add content themselves?

4 Reasons for DIY mentality

I think there’s 4 main reasons why business owners think they can tackle website content.

Designers make you feel you should do it

The first is that website designers have traditionally sold empty shell websites and chucked in the throwaway line “all you need to do is add the content” to make it sound easy. Trust me its not.

You can write

The second reason is that every business owner can write. You write emails all day. So you assume writing website content can’t be that hard… can it?

I can’t trust anyone else with my content

Often business owners hold on tight to their baby. You feel like no-one knows your business like you so no-one else can write about it.

The reality is you are often too close to your business to write the content your visitors want to read. You’ll tend to write about yourself way too much. Instead professional digital content writers will pull out the most compelling and juicy facts and write about what you can do for your prospects. Way different. Way more successful.

I can save money…

Business owners often feel they can save money if they write their own website content or get the office junior to do it. This is a huge mistake.

Remember that virtually every person who comes into your business today comes through your website first. You MUST have your best face on show. People will judge you and your business by the content on your website.

Invest in compelling content that leaps of the page and gets your visitors excited about the business… and it will pay you back over and over and over again.

So how do we tackle website builds?

At Brilliant Blue we tackle your website build like this.

During the first strategy meeting we spend two hours asking you questions about your business, existing clients and target market. A professional digital content writer sits in that meeting taking notes and absorbing every detail.

Then our digital strategist and content writer work together to structure the content and create the architecture for the design. Then once we have a clear plan and all the pieces – we build a winning website.

5 weeks later after a painless process your website is live and on the way to generating leads.

Happy Days.

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