Low Cost Website = Big Business Mistake

One of our old clients invited me out for lunch the other day. A few years back we overhauled his digital marketing following our usual 5 step process.


  1. Clarity – Brand positioning and digital strategy
  2. Content – Digital storytelling to communicate value
  3. Create – Striking & Inspiring Website Design
  4. Construct – Build Website & Social Media Platforms
  5. Connect – Connecting with the Right Prospects

The process delivered immediate results with enquiries and sign ups every week over many years.

Last year the business owner decided on a company re-structure. He knew our price point… and decided to take a chance on a low cost option with a different firm.

Over lunch he sheepishly looked me in the eye and admitted that going for a budget site had been the biggest mistake of his 25 year business career.

“Tell me about it” I said

“Well” he explained. “To start with, the rebuild was painful and protracted. The developer was overseas which made it hard. She would only speak to me once a fortnight and charged me for the calls. The bill escalated and a long standing team member left because of the stress.

“Finally after 6 months the new site was live. It immediately got hacked.

“We then had a long fight between the developer and my long standing server company. In the end I employed another developer. The new developer spent 2 months trying to fix the old site. In the end they gave up and said they needed to start again.

“Finally 1 year after the original re-build started the second website was live.

“I was a wreck.

“What was supposed to cost $3,000 ended up costing $25,000.

“But the worst thing of all is that the new website has been live a few months and it hasn’t delivered a thing. Not one single lead or enquiry. I’m desperate. I don’t know what to do…”

I had a look at the site with him. There was no easy way to say it… I looked him in the eye…

“You need to start again if you want results…”

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