Does your website make me feel good?

Sales and marketing 101...

If I feel good about your business… the chances of me becoming a customer are massively increased.

A simple formula:

More prospects feeling good about your business => More sales

You might be thinking… ‘what about all the things I actually do for my customers – aren’t they more important than how they feel about me?’

The answer is of course what you do is hugely important. Clearly if you don’t deliver on promise you don’t have a business for long…

But what I’m saying is that unless you make a prospect feel good about you in the introductory stages… you might never get the chance to demonstrate that you do actually deliver on promise. (Because your competitor who made them feel good snapped them up).

What do I mean by feel good?

By ‘feel good’ I mean a warm and fuzzy feeling about you and your business. A warm feeling that helps people make a decision to do business with you (then justify that decision by reading about and quoting all about the features of your service afterwards!)

An example most people can relate to is how your favourite coffee shop makes you feel good.

A great coffee shop has a well designed exterior with clear signage and clean windows. An open door. Clean tables and chairs with a consistent, well thought out design.

Flowers on the tables. Smiling staff. A beautiful array of snacks. Gorgeous coffee aroma…

You feel good as they pour your coffee. And you pay your money. Every day.

Of course the coffee might be just as good in the run down place next door with the grumpy owner… but you don’t go there. And the main reason you don’t go there is you don’t feel good about the place.

How important is your website in this feel good process?

In today’s digital world your website is the front line in making prospects feel good about your business. I really can’t overstate this. How your prospects feel when they are on your website is often make or break for the business relationship.

As every day goes by in this digital age, more and more of your potential customers check you out online before they even consider phoning or emailing you.

It doesn’t matter if they find you through Google, a referral or a networking event… however they find out about you… they look you up online to check you out.

The feeling potential customers get about you from your website is MASSIVELY important in their decision about whether to take the relationship any further.

Making prospects feel good while they're on your website

Let’s compare it to a good coffee shop…

A great coffee shop has a well designed welcoming exterior with clear signage and clean windows. A great website has a well designed welcoming first screen. And when you land on that screen you know exactly what this business offers you. Your prospect feels good – they feel they are in the right place.

An open door (ie it’s easy to enter). An effective website loads quickly and the most common things prospects are looking for are really easy to find.  Your prospect is busy and needs quick answers – she feels great that you are providing them.

Clean tables and chairs with a consistent, well thought out design. Clean modern, uncluttered website design with every element considered and a nice natural flow. Your prospect feels this is a nice place to be….

Flowers on the tables. The little touches of your website design like background changes to emphasise important sections, beautiful icons or clever hover changes. The attention to detail that makes you stand out from the crowd and make your prospect feel like you’ll go the extra mile for them.

Smiling staff. If a prospect is going to do business with you they want to see real pictures of you and your team looking happy and friendly. This makes a difference every single time!

A beautiful array of snacks. Gorgeous coffee aroma. This is about your product or services. Your prospects want to know what you’re offering… and in the case of a website what they want to know is how you can solve their problem.

So tell them. Address the most common problems they face front and centre and then tell them in language they will get how you will solve the problem for them.

If you tell me you can fix my problems… and I feel good… I might even decide to give you a call.

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