Website Discontent

The Reason Most Websites Fail

So here’s how it goes…

You decide you need a new website for your business. You hire a web designer.

You meet with a very cool 28-year-old who talks about UX and interfaces. You get excited and about clever fade effects, scroll to page sections and giant images.  He shows you some flashy mock-ups and talks a lot about the new version of popup newsletter sign-up forms.

You part with 1000s of dollars.

Ten weeks later your new website is ‘ready’. It looks cool. And in the words of the designer:

‘All you need to do is add the content’.

You login to the ‘easy-to-use content management system’…and a sinking feeling hits your belly. You realise that you have no idea what to write. And even less clue how to organize any content you do write.

But the designer made it sound easy? Maybe you’re being dumb?

You decide you need to delegate the content writing and you give it to your office manager. Your office manager is busy and she ‘doesn’t see the value in websites for your line of business anyway’. Your website content writing moves to third page of her inbox.

But you’ve paid the money.

Three months later you take the project back, write three pages of content, add a few stock images and tell the designer to put it live…

And there you have it… the dog’s dinner website!

A complete muddle of badly organized, watered-down content that doesn’t fit the design… with no clear direction, focus or strategy.

Does it make you and your team feel good about your business?… No.

Does it rank well with Google?… No.

Does it deliver a steady flow of qualified leads?… Of course not.

And now you’re stuck with it for at least 12 months because you’ve blown your marketing budget…

And even if you’ve got more budget… you’re so over websites you can’t possibly think about doing it all again. Your office manager must have been right all along… websites obviously don’t work for your line of business.

Back to real work…

So what went wrong?

Here’s what you did wrong:

  • you did the work in the wrong order
  • got a designer in much too early
  • and placed too much emphasis on design and not enough on strategy and content.

Want to learn how to do better?

Download the first chapter of The Contented Website Now and find out what you should be expecting from your website and the elements you need to be successful.

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