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How to create, design & deliver a successful website build

Website design and build are so much more than purely aesthetics. A good looking website is one element… but a website design and build that resonates with your market and delivers sustained brand growth is the ultimate goal.

A good website design and build will deliver strategic results and a solid return on investment for their clients. At Brilliant Digital we’ve designed and built hundreds of websites. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to deliver websites that very quickly start kicking goals.

The articles on this page explain some of the important things businesses need to know about how to create, design and deliver a successful website build.

Getting your B2B website right requires many moving parts. Partner with a digital marketing team that understands the pillars of a successful website. Let’s master your brand, UX, and traffic. 

eCommerce platforms come in all shapes and sizes. From ready-to-go options such as Shopify through to WordPress ecCommerce and sophisticated custom builds… there are no shortage of options on the market.

If you think that you can simply tack a cart onto an existing website and call selling online done then you are sadly mistaken. A quality eCommerce website development is driven by strategy, leadership and planning.

If you have been burnt in the past during an eCommerce website build you aren’t alone. Sadly, it’s an all too common story. Avoid making a costly mistake twice. Minimise the stress and maximise the effort by being prepared.

Optimise your eCommerce website so that customers come to you… not your competitors. To secure a slice of the action and set your business up for a profitable future, put a solid eCommerce SEO strategy in place.

Your website is an investment. A set and forget approach won’t land you the results you need. To get your website working hard for you, you need to use relevant keywords to boost your SEO and website optimisation.

Beyond the website design services of bringing the wow factor to your website, you need a clearly defined brand strategy, user journey, solid coding and killer content that speaks directly to your market.

Website design is so much more than purely aesthetics. A good looking website is one element, but a website design company that knows how to resonate with your market and deliver sustained brand growth is the ultimate goal.

Responsive website design is not something you can afford to ignore. Not only will you be punished by the Google algorithm, but a website that doesn’t display optimally on all devices creates a terrible user experience.

Your website design must absolutely reflect your brand. The beauty of a WordPress website is that you have seemingly endless options for choosing a website design to accurately represent your business.

Anyone who gives you a website design cost before they sit down with you to understand your business goals and your brand strategy isn’t going to deliver you a website that will give you a return on your investment.

To keep your website performing optimally, it’s absolutely vital to have a solid website maintenance plan. Without it, you could be opening your business to risks from hackers and missed opportunities.

Not all websites are created equally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the professional website design you need for your brand. With 10 key elements, you will be well on your way to growing your digital footprint.

A website has the potential to make or break your brand. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to deliver websites that quickly start kicking goals. The success of a business website design boils down to 7 key elements.

Many a successful B2B business owner has avoided the B2C market. But the reality of doing business in this digital age is that building an eCommerce business website directly to the end user is crucial to your long term success.

We’ve built hundreds of market-led website builds. And for every successful website we build, our clients come to us with a story of a past failed website. A project that was full of promise that simply didn’t deliver on the expectations.

We see the letters HTTP and HTTPS every day. But what do they mean and why are they important for your website security and business success? Our coding and website standards are second to none.

One of the biggest problems in the digital community is the tide of useless websites flooding the market. At Brilliant Digital, we share three essentials for any successful lead-generating and effective website.

A website is a living, breathing thing. It needs a lot of ongoing maintenance and works to keep it at peak performance. Maintaining websites the brilliant way takes a technical and forward-thinking approach.

What is website development? People often confuse the term ‘website development’ with ‘web design’. Although how they operate is essentially the same, the two terms indicate different aspects of creating a website.

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