What do website design services consist of?

Posted by Deb Croucher | March 13, 2021

Key learnings:

  • The stages of a successful website build
  • The skills you can expect from your website designer
  • How to get the best result from your website design services

If you rely on an architect to build your house, you aren’t going to get a great result. And the same can be said for building a website. A good website design will only get you so far.

Like with building a house, it takes many minds and hands to make it happen.

Beyond the website design services of bringing the WOW factor to your website, you need a clearly defined brand strategy and well considered user journey… solid coding… and killer content that speaks directly to your market. When you understand the stages of building an effective website, you can save a lot of time – and money – in the long run.

Stages of building an effective website

Many businesses will start their website build project by hiring a website designer. And those businesses are making a big mistake.

An effective website build starts with a plan. You need to define a solid digital strategy and craft a strong brand message that is brought to life by pages of content. And you need to consider the user journey of how your customers will flow through each page on your website.

When you start with design, you are missing a huge part of the process.

You need to ensure that the website design services you are paying for will deliver the brand growth you need to push your business forward. By the time you hit the design phase of the project, your website designer should understand your brand and message so they can deliver a website design to match.

The skills of a website designer

A website designer is not a digital brand strategist. They can’t dive into your business to pull out the information they need to define your brand strategy. And they will become frustrated if you ask them to define your user journey. But they can take a strategy and a website plan and bring it to life in a design.

A website designer is not a writer. Design is their currency – not words. But they should understand how to create space for the words in a website and use white space so the content is easy to scan.

A website designer is not a developer. They don’t have the skills required to code a website. But they can provide your website developer with a beautiful design that they can then turn into a website.

When you don’t understand the skills of a website designer, you risk placing too many expectations on their website design services. And ultimately, you will pay a higher price in the end… either the relationship turns sour because of a lack of understanding and clarity, or your designer creates a website design that aims to please only you… and is not focused on your market. Either way, you end up with a disastrous website that doesn’t deliver the results you need.

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Getting the best outcome from your website design services

Think of website design services as just one cog in the wheel. Building a website is a team effort. And not just any team will do.

Your website designer needs to work alongside brand strategists, writers, project managers, photographers, developers, video producers and client managers to bring your website to life. And they all need a strong leader who can take the reins to create a cohesive team of experts.

If any single element of that team is missing, the whole process could fall apart.

Website design services... all under one roof

Here at Brilliant Digital, we offer complete website solutions… with all the experts under one roof – website design services included.

We are driven by one thing only… to use our expertise to help you take your business to the next level. We don’t mindlessly follow the latest trends… we do what we know will get you results.

Contact us today to start a conversation.

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