Which Delivers the $$... Web Design or Web Content?

Design v Content

Think about choosing your life partner for a moment.

When you meet a potential partner… you make your first decision to chat based on the way they look. You’re either attracted to that person or you’re not.

But for most of us it’s something more than that initial attraction that turns the first meeting into a meaningful relationship. We’re generally looking for some substance behind the physical appearance before we make a life changing decision.

What about a smaller decision? Like buying a car.

You might be initially attracted to the stunning lines, clever dashboard layout and the latest ‘Soul Red’ paintwork… but if the engine doesn’t start or if the car jitters and jolts when you’re test driving it – you’re unlikely to buy it.

So where do websites come into this?…

Website Design is like Initial Attraction

First impressions count.

The first question in your website visitor’s mind is this.

“Is it worth staying and browsing through this site or do I click back to Google immediately?”

A bit like “Should I talk to that lady at the bar? Should I spend some time looking at this car?”

You have around 6 seconds to grab your website visitor before they leave.

Your website’s design is a big factor in the pass or fail at the initial landing.  Get the design wrong for your target market and many of them will leave immediately… obviously a big, fat fail and very bad for your Google ranking…

Get the design right… and they’ll start to read the site and you’re in with a chance.

So you need to spend enough time making sure your website design appeals in to your target market. This doesn’t mean spending months making tiny little tweaks… but it does mean checking that a proposed design gives your target market the initial ‘Wow!’ feeling.

Good website design will also increase your conversion rate. Things like easy to use navigation and well positioned calls to action will lead your visitors through the site to where you want them to go.

But does great website design convert to dollars?

The simple answer is NO.

Great website design alone is not enough to convert your visitors into qualified leads and sales. Great design without the content to support it is like a potential partner who turns out to be very shallow or a car with a clapped out engine. Not enough to get the result.

Website content – the words and images on your site – is the magic ingredient that delivers the holy grail of digital marketing success – a steady flow of qualified new clients or sales directly from the website.

Clear branding messages and directly addressing your target markets’ key problems and their dreams and desires is the core of that great content.

Of course if you have two websites with identical content… the one with the better design will deliver better results but… We have many older websites in our portfolio which are looking tired now in terms of design and due for an update… but still converting every single day. And conversely… many, many people contact us at Brilliant Blue because their beautifully designed site is simply not delivering…

A rough guide.

As a business owner you’ll devote some time to overseeing a website build. Spend 10% of your precious time during a website re-build worrying about design and 90% of your energy making sure the content is superb. This is the route to dollars.

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