How much does good website design cost?

Posted by Deb Croucher | May 3, 2020

Key learnings:

  • The different options for building a website for your business
  • The factors that will affect your website design cost
  • How to ensure a return on investment for your website design

We wish we could give you a simple formula to calculate your website design cost… unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Anyone who gives you a website design cost before they sit down with you to understand your business goals, website requirements and brand strategy isn’t going to deliver you a website that will give you a return on your investment.

A good website will deliver leads while you sleep and become your hardest-working employee. It is an asset that is worthy of the investment… and when you work with the right company, you will get a return on that investment, no matter the website design cost outlay.

Off the shelf template websites

If website design cost – and keeping it low – is your priority, for a few thousand dollars you can buy an off the shelf template design and fit it to your business. You will be able to change the colours of the template, add your own logo and images and, in most cases, select from a variety of pre-determined layouts for pages and blog posts.

For startup businesses or those purely in the B2C space, this is an affordable way to get your website up and running.

For anyone in the B2B space looking for a corporate website, you will quickly find that this won’t work, for a number of reasons:

  • Your brand strategy should drive your website design rather than a generic template
  • When you try to fit your brand and content into a standard template you will find that the message is diluted
  • An off the shelf template significantly limits how you can structure the content on your website

Templates fill the gap for smaller businesses with smaller budgets who need to keep website design cost low while they grow their business.

Custom professional website design

If you are looking for a website that is uniquely you… that speaks directly to your market… and that delivers a return on investment many times over… custom professional website design is the answer.

For a custom design, the website design cost will be higher… but so will the return. To build a website end-to-end – including strategy, designing, coding, SEO, content and images – your website design cost will start at about $10,000. Depending on the complexity of your website, the number of pages and the amount of content required, this cost will be as high as $40,000-$50,000. For a large eCommerce website, expect this cost to be higher.

When you get your website design right from the outset, you won’t need to redesign your website every six months as your business grows. Good website design will see you through two to three years of solid business growth… and set up you perfectly for the next iteration.

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Strategy and leadership = ROI

So many businesses make the mistake of working with a designer to design their website, a developer to code it and then bring in a copywriter at the end to create the content. The result is a disjointed mishmash that doesn’t reflect the brand. And that’s not to mention the missing element in the majority of website builds… strategy.

A website build needs leadership and strategy to succeed. It needs a strategist who can look at the total picture, understand your market and build a brand strategy that will resonate with your market. Without that element, you won’t get the growth or success you are looking for.

Strategy and leadership add significantly to your website design cost… but they are also where you will find the greatest value. Without them, you are really just taking a stab in the dark and hoping for the best.

Work with a team of experts

Our approach at Brilliant Digital is different from the norm. We offer the complete package from strategy to design, coding, content and images. Over the years we have built business websites for hundreds of happy clients who are seeing the kind of success they had only ever dreamed of.

Contact us to chat with our team of experts about your website requirements and how we can build a custom solution to suit.

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