What to look for in a website design company

Posted by Zoe Lamont | April 22, 2021

Key learnings:

  • Why your website design should follow a market-led strategy
  • How to identify a website design company that will deliver results
  • The key elements to look for when assessing the work of a website design company

Website design is so much more than purely aesthetics. A good looking website is one element… but a website that resonates with your market and delivers sustained brand growth is the ultimate goal.

A good website design company will understand what it takes to deliver strategic results and a solid return on investment for their clients. They will know how quality web design works alongside solid coding and amazing content that speaks directly to your market. But finding them can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Market-led strategy

There is a trend among many website design companies today to deliver website designs that are client-led. The client chooses the look and feel… and they love the end result. Away walks a website designer with a very happy client.

Meanwhile, months down the track, the client is left scratching their head and wondering why their beautiful new website isn’t delivering the brand growth they were hoping for.

And that’s because no matter what design elements you choose or the amazing design that your website designer has created, the success of a professional website design relies on how well that design speaks to your market.

To help you achieve this, you need a website design company that understands digital brand strategy. They need to carefully research your market and ask questions to really understand your industry and business goals. And from there they can define what your customers want… and design your website to give them exactly that.

If your website design company is missing this strategic element, alarm bells should be ringing.

Growing your business

Any website designer worth their salt can deliver an amazing looking website.

But what you really need from your website design company is an investment in your business growth.

When they are invested in you and your success, they will take the time to understand your business. They will do everything they can to learn more about your clients. They will get to know you and your team, dive into the history of your business and ask questions about your future goals.

It’s not until they have this knowledge that they can accurately represent your business to the market and bring potential customers to your door.

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Know what to look for

When it comes to website design, talk is cheap. By looking at the designer’s portfolio of past work, you will be able to assess whether they have the capability to build you a website that will leave a lasting mark in your market.

You should be looking for:

  • Easy navigation – are the menus on their websites easy to find and navigate? Are they clean and clear of clutter? Are the navigation menus fixed so they stay in place as you scroll down the page?
  • White space – Is there sufficient white space between the images, text and videos? Is there sufficient space to easily scan the content on the website?
  • Combination of text and images – Do they use text and images together? Do the images used complement the words to bring the story to life?
  • Video – Is video used in the design? Does it have space to shine and build a connection beyond the text on the page?
  • Social proof – Are there testimonial scrolls, reviews, customer counters or client logos used to show social proof?
  • Content framework – Does the website content take people on a journey? Is there a logical flow of content from one page to the next? Do they offer customers many possible routes to find the information they are looking for?
  • CMS – Is the CMS (content management system) user friendly? Does the website designer have experience working with the CMS? (This isn’t something you can see from looking at a design, so you will need to ask the designer or their previous clients.)
  • Responsiveness – Does the website neatly scale the content on the page so it still looks amazing, no matter what device you are visiting on? Is the website user friendly regardless of the device you are using?
  • User journey – Does the website take you on a journey? Have they considered the user experience in the design so it is seamless from beginning to end?

In amongst all of these design elements, don’t forget to look for results. If a website does not deliver sustained brand growth, there is a problem. As you do your reference checks, talk to the people who have worked with your prospective website design company in the past. They will be able to share the success of the website in delivering results.

Teamwork makes the dream work

A website design is just that… a design. You need a much bigger team to bring that design to life. A website design company should work alongside digital strategists, content writers, coders, project managers, advertisers and SEO experts.

If the right people with the right skill sets work together in a strategic way, following a proven process, your website and digital marketing will deliver the sustained brand growth you are looking for. Together they will lift the weight of your website and digital marketing off your shoulders so you can get on with doing what you do best – running your business.

Every skillset is equally important, but when they work in isolation, you will never get the consistent brand and message you need. When a website design company values each skill at the table and gives them a voice in the process, that’s when the magic happens.

The professional website design experts

An effective website design company will define your brand, hone your messaging, build your visual presence and deliver you the type of sustained brand growth you’ve only ever dreamed of. None of this happens by accident. And we know, because it’s what we do for each and every client we work with.

We live and breathe website design and development. As far as digital marketing companies go, we are the total package. We can build you a business website that will knock the socks off your market… and our ongoing digital marketing will take your business to the next level.

Contact us to start a conversation.

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