Why Good Website Content Is So Important

Posted by Deb Croucher | August 22, 2020

Key learnings:

  • How to avoid the common website content traps
  • Why good website content is the new digital currency
  • The different types of website content and how to use them

Bad website content will get you nowhere fast. But you know that already.

What you may not realise is just how powerful engaging, information and strategic website content is for your brand.

Good content has an impact on the reader. It stirs emotions. And it builds trust. Good website content tells a story. And takes people on a journey with your brand.

A website without content…

A website without content…

… is just a shell. It’s like a house with no photos on the walls and no story to tell.

While it’s easy to get caught up in your website design, at the end of the day a design is nothing without the words and images that bring it to life.

A website is a marketing project. It is a representation of your brand. And your website content is what ties it all together.

Common website content traps

Common website content traps

These days we live online. We connect online, research online, buy online. And while we are online we are bombarded with content from every angle. It can be noisy and overwhelming.

Your challenge as a brand is to cut through the noise. To be a voice that people listen to and connect with. And your website content is the key.

But content often ends up in the too hard basket. Or doesn’t get the love it needs to really shine on your website. The common mistakes we see with website content are:

  • Boring and pointless content that sends website visitors away very quickly
  • Poorly written and structured content that is hard to read and misses the connection
  • Excessive and confusing content that turns your customers off your brand

Great website content should have a purpose. It should be consistent across your website and have a clear structure. And it should be written with your market in mind.

Climbing the Google ladder

Climbing the Google ladder

Google is the organiser of the world’s information. It’s a big job! And they have a reputation for being pretty damn good at it.

Whatever someone enters into the search box, Google wants to show them the very best and most relevant websites at the top of the list. The Google algorithm works hard to rank website content based on a multitude of factors, of which quality is a big one.

If you appear at the top of the search results you really want to stay there. But if you have a high bounce rate – i.e. people “bounce” off your site very quickly after landing on a single page – Google will push your website from the prime position. If you end up on the second page of the search results, you will be invisible to the more than 90% of people who never click past the first page of results.

Poor quality content is a surefire way to find yourself banished to Google’s no man’s land. And this isn’t a place you want to be.

The good news is that you can improve your website content and climb Google’s rankings. It’s never too late to turn the situation around… and in the majority of cases, the only way is up.

Content is the digital world’s currency

Content is the digital world’s currency

And it’s a currency where quality – rather than quantity – has the highest value.

One amazing blog will be far more effective than 10 average blogs. But more than that, every piece of content on your website needs to make a connection.

Your website content should share your story… but it isn’t about you. It’s about them – your customer. Your content should explain what you do for whom and why and how you solve your customers problems to make their life better every single day.

Good website content takes your website visitors on a journey. And the destination is the solution you offer.

Every brand needs a strong content writer who absolutely understands their target market inside out and back to front.

A good writer will be able to take your brand and turn it into words that jump off the page and draw your website visitors further and further into your website.

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Content is more than just words

Content is more than just words

Words are powerful… but when you combine words with images, that’s when the magic happens.

In fact, images are a key element of website content. When you weave strong, brand imagery throughout your website content, you will capture people’s attention and build on the story you are telling.

Images are also a strategic design element to break up the words to make it easier for your customers to consume your content.

Investing in photography of your business assets and team will pay off.

When you use your own imagery – rather than standard stock photography – you have a better chance of building that all important trust with your customers. People buy from people. And today, more than ever, people want to see genuine humanity in the businesses they buy from.

Video as a valuable digital marketing tool

Video as a valuable digital marketing tool

Over the last few years, video has become an increasingly effective way to connect with your customers beyond the text on the page. And that trend is only showing signs of increasing.

There is no better way to build trust or put a face to the brand. In a short 2-3 minute video you can inform, entertain and engage.

You can bring your brand to life and layer powerful brand storytelling with your core brand messages.

The great thing is we all have a video camera in our pocket. Video content doesn’t need to be a big production. All you need is a smartphone, a tripod and a clear message to share.

You can easily upload your videos to YouTube and then embed them into your website alongside your content to add multiple layers to your brand story. The potential with video is massive… and businesses who adopt a video strategy for their brand will have a solid advantage.

Leave it to the experts

Good website content has the power to transform your brand. And with the right team creating your content for you, you can get on with what you do best, running your business.

At Brilliant Digital, our talented team of content producers create amazing content every day. They know how to write content that is optimised for Google… and also connects with the reader. They understand brand strategy and website design… and why website content is the key to digital marketing success.

Contact us to book a free digital strategy consultation to discuss how you can unlock your business’s potential with powerful business website content.

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