The skills to look for in a talented website content writer

Posted by Deb Croucher | April 1, 2021

Key learnings

  • The difference a good website content writer can make to the success of your digital marketing
  • Why you need to look for specific digital skills in a content writer
  • How to leverage your website content writer’s skills to get the best results

Content is a crucial element of your digital brand strategy. So never underestimate the value of a quality website content writer for your business. While you could sit staring at a blank screen for days on end, a skilled content writer will provide you with content that is succinct, engaging… and powerful.

The difference a good website content writer can make to your business is phenomenal.

And that’s because the best content writers have more than a way with words.

Just as you wouldn’t hire a sales manager who didn’t have any experience in sales, you should never hire a website content writer who doesn’t know how to get results.

Leading content writers have a mix of skills, from research and interviewing, to a robust understanding of the digital sphere and SEO, and the expertise and adaptability to create two key strands of writing – brand writing and storytelling.

Brilliant brand writing

Quality website content is one thing… website content that speaks directly to your brand is something else altogether. Unless you consistently articulate your value to your market through the content on your website you are dead in the water in today’s digital world.

Brand writing is a very specific skill… and, in our experience, it’s not a skill that most website content writers have.

A writer can have all the technical skills needed to write content that pops off the page. They can evoke emotion and connect with the reader.

But if they can’t translate a brand strategy into words that bring your business to life, then you won’t get results.

Skilled content writers need to understand your business, your team and your target market. Working with our leading strategists, our content writers weave your unique value proposition (UVP) through every word on every page of your website – layered with strategic keywords – to build trust with your potential customers and ensure long-term sustained brand growth.

Successful storytelling

There are three elements to website success – brand trust, user experience and traffic. And writers are crucial to all of those. Your web pages will be read 1000s of times every month so they need to be succinct, on-point… and engaging.

While your core website pages are about building your brand to build trust, your blogs and newsletters need to communicate, educate and inspire… and that’s where great storytelling comes in.

From the art of the hook to the customer’s voice, a skilled content writer will successfully communicate your story – and your happy client’s – to encourage new customers to take a leap and choose your business over so many others.

Research and interview skills

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your website content writer needs to be an expert in your field. In fact, it’s best if they are not.

The best writers will research your industry, your products and services and your story. They will interview your team and clients to draw out the stories and gain a greater understanding of the work you do.

With all of that information, they will then write content that is fresh, on-brand and easy for your market to digest. Rather than explaining the detail of how you deliver, they will talk about the what and why of your business – which is incredibly important.

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Digital writing experience

Writing website content isn’t something any writer can do. It takes someone who understands how people consume digital content. They need to know the ins and outs of creating SEO-friendly content.

Your website needs to quickly capture the attention of the reader and take them on a journey. But website content is often too wordy. It doesn’t lead the reader through your website, and it doesn’t make an emotional connection.

A website content writer with digital writing experience understands what works with digital consumers… and what doesn’t.

A good digital writer puts user experience (UX) front and centre because we know readers have short attention spans. It’s why headlines matter and images are a key part of the story too. So how else do we do it? Short, sharp sentences are a must. Active voice always wins.

And yes, we even start sentences with ‘And’.

A track record of results

Writing a website that actually gets results isn’t easy. For every good example, there are hundreds of websites that are poorly written. For those business owners, that’s money down the drain. And an underperforming asset – their website – costs money and leads every day.

Before you start working with a website content writer, ask them about their past results. Yes, it’s about a portfolio of work. But it’s also very much about the outcome.

Have the clients seen an increase in Google organic search traffic? Did the new content lead to more sales and enquiries coming from the website? Did the businesses they were writing for see sustained growth in their digital brand?

That’s what ultimately matters.

A team of talented website content writers

At Brilliant Digital we don’t just have one talented website content writer… we have a whole team of them. And every day, our writers create brilliant content that gets results – from entire websites to single blog posts, email newsletter and social media posts.

The beauty of Brilliant Digital is that our writers sit alongside our team of digital marketing experts. From strategists to coders, developers, project managers, client managers, advertising and social media experts, we work together to strategically plan and create great content that gets phenomenal digital marketing results.

If you would like to learn more about the difference a good website content writer can make to your brand, get in touch to start the conversation.

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