Website Content Framework

A strategic road map for an effective brand website

Your content is without a doubt the most important element of your website. And good content takes time.

But first, you need to have a clear purpose and context for each page. Following a strategic plan will get the best results. And that’s exactly what we do at Brilliant Digital. We follow our content framework for every website we work on, including our own.

The time we spend working on your content is time you can spend on growing your business. And with our proven approach to content, you’ll be busier than you’ve ever been before!

The content framework explained

If you look at your website as your digital home, each time you add a piece of content, you add a brick to the foundation of your home.

Quality content will build up your website… inferior content puts the whole structure at risk.

We divide up our content framework into owned assets – your website, and rented assets – mainly social media.

We focus on a strategic approach to growing the content on your website with social media and newsletters as useful sources of traffic.

Your website is your property. You own it; it is under your control and the content you put there stays there until you change it.

Social media, on the other hand, is rented space. By adding content to social media platforms, you are building someone else’s digital assets, not yours. You do not own it; you have no control over it and the content you put there can be deleted at any time.

When you look at it like that, it’s easy to see where you should be directing your efforts.

Website flow

There is no one single route through a website.

As much as you can guide your prospective clients through a natural flow of pages to visit, as your content grows, so too will the possible paths people take through your website.

The arrows in our content framework illustrate some routes to an enquiry. For example, if someone comes to your website to read a blog, they might go up to the Team page to have a look at who you are… and then proceed to make an enquiry.

Or they may need to go through several pages before they take action.

Each visitor to your website will create their own journey through your content… and that’s why it’s so important that each page is written with your brand strategy, UVP and ideal customer in mind.

Home page

You only get one chance at a first impression… and as the most visited page on your website, your home page needs to absolutely nail it. Your home page has a simple job… to create instant, strong brand awareness and present your UVP (unique value proposition) upfront.

When a prospective client lands on your homepage they should know exactly what you do for whom and why.

The various elements on your home page are gateways to other pages on your site. When you get it right, those gateways entice your future leads to click deeper into your website, taking them closer to making an enquiry with each page they visit.

About page

The about page builds on the foundations laid on the home page, to draw out your business story.

This is a page that many businesses often neglect… but as the second most visited page on your website, getting it right is crucial.

This is your chance to make a connection and build trust with your future customers.

And those customers don’t want a long and boring history of the business…

…they want to know why you are in business and what makes you different… your unique value proposition (UVP). With the right messaging, this page will be a key tool in your lead generation success.

Case studies

You could tell your prospective clients how good you are… or you could let your current customers do it for you. Case studies are a brilliant way to showcase the impact of your product or service through your clients’ eyes.

A good case study is relatable and builds trust by showing your UVP in action. A case study is more than a testimonial. It highlights the problem your customer was facing and how your product or service fixed it.


You’ve probably heard that people buy from people. And it’s true.

The savvy millennial generation – who have enormous influence in the digital space – will not buy from faceless companies.

The team profiles on your website give your business that face people want to see.

Through a cleverly written profile you can showcase the expertise of your team members, what drives them and why they love working in your business.

And ultimately, you can further build the trust and connection you need for those all-important leads.

Products and services

This is not a page for bullet point lists of the features of your product.

The features are important… but how your product or service solves your customers’ problems is the gold.

By layering the product benefits with details of your process, you can illustrate how what you offer is the perfect solution for your prospects’ needs.

A product or service page can often generate significant traffic from Google…

…and that traffic is from people who have intent to buy. It’s a winning formula that will generate qualified leads.

Blogs and news

Through a blog or news section you can inform, entertain and create a buzz around your brand.

The type of content you include here will depend on your business, industry and customer problems.

The key is to keep your blogs ‘on brand’ and relevant to build trust and ultimately generate leads.

High quality blogs have tremendous SEO value…

…delivering organic traffic to your site day after day.

Social media

You do not own your social media channels. They are rented space and you can be evicted at any time, without any notice.

Your social media content should be focused on one ultimate goal…

…driving people back to your website to make enquiries.

Social media is about starting a conversation… which you then continue on your website… and finish with your prospective customer making contact to start the sales conversation.


Your customers and leads have given you their email addresses…

…use them wisely!

Newsletters are your chance to send your database useful content, in the form of excerpts from your website…

…to once again drive them back to your website.

You can share team changes, new products and blog posts…

…the content you are working so hard to create on your website.

Place your content in good hands

At Brilliant Digital, we focus on getting ROI for our clients through every piece of content we create. Our content producers are talented writers who can weave your brand messages and UVP through each and every page on your website.

Take the first step on your digital journey with a free 30 minute consultation where one of our digital market experts will set you on the path to success. Contacting us will be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

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