Your Website... Bridge or Barrier?

Every single person who pays you money visits your website.

Think about that.

Every prospect.

Every lead.

Every client.

Goes to your website and checks you out. Next they use the impression they get of you online as part of the decision making process of whether to hire you or not.

It doesn’t matter how they hear about you first. It could be through referral, Google search or a Facebook share. It doesn’t matter. They still go to your website and check you out.

Extra Layer Between You and Your Prospect

Think of it like this… the change to digital has put an extra layer between you and your prospects.

In the old days you could meet with a prospect at a networking event.

Call them the next day. Have a coffee… and charm them over the line.

Today, increasingly your website gets in the middle of this process. Before you even get to the coffee the prospect will do their homework and check out your site.

It goes without saying that unless you have a great website… it’s a barrier to the sale… and you’re less likely to even get to the coffee stage. If you do manage to charm them into a meeting – your awful website makes it a harder slog to turn them into a great client.

And if your potential customer is looking for a business like yours on Google… you don’t have a dog’s chance of hearing from them if you don’t have a decent site on page One.

Create an Inviting Bridge

If you want to stay ahead of the crowd and outgrow your competitors… your website must become an inviting bridge. It must give your prospect a positive, warm feeling about you and your business and guide them towards contacting you.

At the very least your website must be well designed and contain your branding messages clearly laid out in an easy to read format. Examples of your work, real images of your team and premises and testimonials will go a long way to building trust and getting closer to the sale.

The good news.

Get all this right and you’ll find you won’t have to pitch… the sale will already be in the bag and the coffee will just be a pleasant formality.

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