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We offer three different auditing packages


We’ve said it for years and we’ll say it again. The main cause of digital marketing failure is not having an effective digital strategy.

So, you’re thinking… what if you’ve paid for a new website, digital advertising, social media marketing and then some… but you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for. You realise your digital marketing has failed – but where do you start to fix it?

You start by hiring an expert to do a website audit.

We’d love to turn things around for you. At Brilliant Digital, we offer three different auditing packages.

SEO & Website audit

Assessing brand, user experience
and website traffic

Website & digital marketing audit

Assessing your website,
advertising and digital assets

Full digital brand audit

Business goals, skills
assessment and gap analysis

Website audit

Stop what you’re doing and hire a professional to look at your website through a digital solutions magnifying lens.

Our team of digital strategy consultants looks at key elements of your website to determine what you’ve got, what you need, what works and what doesn’t.

We’ll look at the three most important aspects of your website: your brand, user experience and traffic.

By zooming in on this crucial trio, we’ll be able to determine how effective your digital brand is, how user-friendly your website is and what type of traffic it generates.

We consider who your target market is and whether they really understand your unique value proposition.

We look at your website design and the overall user journey… flowing into your analytics and data. This will give us important insights into how your website is performing, and highlight opportunities for improvement.

Our coding experts will take a good look at your website’s coding – whether it’s high quality and Google friendly and what the risk of hacking is.

Finally, we look at your website’s overall SEO – the technical SEO and content related SEO – to determine why Google ranks your website the way it does.

All these findings pave the way for us to come up with a clear strategy to fix your website, so that you finally see returns on your digital marketing investment.

“When we first sat down with Deb, she straight away identified several unique points about our business that we weren’t capitalising on.” (Brett Churcher, Playoust Churcher architect)

Brilliant websites:

  • Accurately portray your business
  • Explain your value to your market
  • Educate your market
  • Are a powerful tool for your sales team
  • Deliver opportunity to your inbox
  • Are your hardest working employee
  • Are robust and secure
  • Have a flexible design to grow with you
  • Provide a brilliant user journey

Website and digital marketing audit

If you’re worried that you’ve been burning cash through an ineffective digital marketing strategy alongside your ineffective website, we strongly suggest doing a digital marketing audit, too.

Focusing on the crucial trio: brand, user journey and website traffic, we’ll do a full website audit as outlined above.

Then we’ll do a thorough competitor analysis to identify your strongest competitors and look at what they’re doing online. This will help you gauge how to curb competitors online and refine your strategy.

We also audit your social media marketing by looking at all your activity on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Next, we determine how well your database marketing has been doing, including EDMs and newsletters.

And finally, we place all your digital advertising and all digital assets under the microscope.

Gaining insight as to how all these moving parts of your digital marketing mix are performing will help us form a clear road map to turn your website and advertising results around.

“Brilliant Digital had a good look at what we had initially and gave us good input on what we were missing and what we needed.” (Daniel Caruana, Danrae Group’s CEO)

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Full digital brand audit

You have a website and a structured digital marketing plan underway. But you’re still not seeing results, and qualified leads are few and far between.

Something – or many things – has caused your digital efforts to fail. But what?

It may have to do with lack of SEO in your digital content, lack of brand trust, ineffective digital marketing plan… or so many other possibilities.

Learning how your audience receives your digital brand online requires strong intervention by a digital marketing expert. It may be time for a full brand audit.

Our team of digital marketing experts at Brilliant Digital has successfully conducted full digital brand audits for frustrated business owners… and they walked away with an effective website, a market-friendly brand and a robust digital strategy that grows their top line.

In doing a full digital brand audit, we firstly rely on our important trio: brand, user journey and website traffic to audit your website.

We then help you to fine-tune your business goals and assess how your current digital brand supports them.

We also look at the talent available to you internally and externally, and how best you can utilise them.

We do a detailed gap analysis which will again highlight your digital branding possibilities.

All these steps pave the way for us to develop a clear 12-month digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.

“All I had to do was choose the date I wanted to start my new life. I was able to go straight to my prospective clients and say, ‘Here, this is me.’ I had an online presence and digital shopfront from day one.” (Julie Nipperess, founder of Step Up Financial Group)

Contact us for a meaningful digital audit that will kickstart your journey to digital marketing success, or read more about our digital strategy consultancy services.

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