Vijay Rathod

Digital Marketing Manager SEO

With over eight years’ experience working across many major digital marketing channels, Vijay is a major asset to the SEO team.

His tools are research and in-depth analysis, which he uses to make sure that each client’s ad campaign will be highly successful.

Vijay began on the Work on 1st Google Ads Project with his team and after achieving consistent success is now managing over 18 Google Ads projects.

Vijay enjoys how responsive and proactive Brilliant Digital is. He also finds the catch-ups every 15 days with Brilliant Digital hugely beneficial as it means his team isn’t working in isolation.

Vijay loves the challenging and exciting work Brilliant Digital offers. He says each day feels like they are marching toward a “grand, achievable vision.”

When he’s not delving deep into the mystical strategies of Google Ads and online marketing, Vijay likes to relax by listening to music or sleeping a bit longer on the weekends. And, as he has a very adorable baby boy, he’ll need all the sleep he can get!

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