Video is a valuable part of a digital marketing strategy

Posted by Deb Croucher | November 7, 2019

Is video a valuable part of your digital marketing strategy?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for new ways to engage your customers, to keep them informed and entertained and quickly connect them to your brand, then you will want to include video as part of your content strategy.

“With video, people can get a good handle on your personality and decide if they want to work with you.

It’s a great way to convey emotion and it’s more effective than just text or images on their own,” explains Brilliant Digital’s Deb Croucher.

Storytelling... on camera

At Brilliant Digital we create videos for our clients’ websites and Facebook pages, and in some cases, our clients have their own YouTube channels.

So, you might be thinking ‘Why do I need a website at all? Why don’t I just put all my videos on YouTube and grow my business that way?’

The trouble with that is that although it might mean you can still grow a personal brand and create a following around yourself, it won’t work if you’re growing a serious business or a company.

You need video as part of the many layers of powerful brand storytelling that come together to tell your company’s story. And as part of the core message of what you do for whom and why.

It gives you more traction, it creates a connection beyond text on the page, and it fosters an emotional journey between you and your customers.

“What you need to do with video is use it as part of your brand story. Hang the video in context on the pages of your website. Take your videos from YouTube, embed them into your website and create pages of layered content that build the brand story for you,” says Deb.

Be strategic

What are you trying to achieve with your videos?

Whether you are telling stories about a customer’s journey with your business or talking about your services, be consistent, on message and make sure the content is in line with your overall marketing strategy.

Develop a style and keep your video content within guidelines that work for and honestly reflect you and your business.

And don’t forget your audience!

Practice makes perfect

Practice? Yes, the more videos produced, the better they become.

Once you’re comfortable in front of the camera and we’re capturing the good stuff, you will have gold – engaging content that draws your customers in and connects them with your brand.

We work with our clients to deliver video content as part of your overall marketing strategy, not as a one-off.

We need to be prolific and produce a lot of content. The volume needed increases with every day, week and month that goes by…

Good quality video - superb content

Top end productions are fabulous. But it’s the messaging of the content that counts first and foremost.

Deb says, “Often, people ask ‘how complex does my video production need to be?’ The trouble with expensive video production is that, although it may look amazing, if you get the messaging wrong, you look back in a few months and see that you blew thousands of dollars on a high budget shoot that didn’t get the messaging right. That’s really frustrating.”

In the digital space, content is king. Context is queen. And prolific beats perfect every single time.

We need to put content messaging ahead of everything if we want a result.

We need to anchor video with context by embedding it in a website that has consistent messaging and brings that message home.

And from studying success stories online, we are confident that video production quality does not need to be budget-busting to get a great outcome.

Deb concludes, “My advice is that prolific beats perfect every time. Keep it simple, get yourself out there…

Use an iPhone like I’m doing in the video on this page. Keep practising, keep getting your message out there and hang it in context in a really good website that builds the layers of storytelling around your brand and you will be successful.”

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