Victoria Pendergast, Content Producer

I have a business degree in marketing and my primary area of interest is strategy. I am fascinated about how the human mind works and with the patterns in consumer behaviour. I have recently returned from my second Paralympic Games, where I represented Australia in Skiing.

The Paralympic community is where I discovered the power of storytelling.

The power of storytelling

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful instrument. I found that telling my personal story had an outrageous ripple effect across the Paralympic community and influenced a much larger audience than I had ever intended. A good story can change people’s behaviour in ways I had never even thought of.

It is the same in marketing. A captivating story can communicate so much more about a company or product than any other form. Stories draw people in and cause them to engage with you and your brand. A good story stays with the consumer and sets you apart from your competition right from the start. It’s amazing.

A fantastic balance

I wanted to work with Brilliant Digital because of the friendly feel of the team. From the first contact, there was just such a positive energy from everyone I spoke to. My team is extremely supportive. There is a fantastic balance of nurturing skills and solid hard work.

A strong work ethic is something I value strongly. I love the way the Brilliant Digital team will band together to go the extra mile to do the best job humanly possible. I relish the “whatever it takes” attitude here, as it’s how I like to live my life.

As a kid, my main goal in life was to do anything and everything people said I couldn’t do. It’s hard-wired into my personality now – once my interest is piqued, I’m all in.

I love the challenge

I get energised by new challenges. I love seeing an idea through from conception to completion.

I live for that “aha” moment where it all comes together and I know I’ve done a good job. When I’ve finished well, and can see my client is happy, that’s what makes me smile.

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