Tips for getting more of your web enquiries to convert to a sale

A prospect making an enquiry on your website is great, but converting that prospect into a customer and making the sale is better!

It’s not down to luck – there are some simple strategies you can use to build a relationship, solidify your brand and create a loyal customer for life.

First and foremost, get back to them quickly!

The stats show that if you get back to them within 10 minutes, your conversion rates will go up 90%.

So if you are a professional services provider and you have a small number of very high value transactions going through your business, our advice would be to pick the phone up immediately and give them a call.

That will set you apart from your competition – because your competitors are probably trying to conduct business by email.

But if you pick up the phone, that will give you a point of difference and allow you to start building a relationship with that person.

Stay in touch

Obviously if you are a larger corporation or company with many transactions coming through, it might not be realistic to respond that fast.

In that case, an autoresponder can be really handy, just to get back to them and say ‘we are going to be in touch’.

Then make sure that someone is following up really quickly, within a couple of hours ideally.

Stay fresh in your customers mind, be responsive, follow up and stand out from the crowd.

Keep your prospect engaged

Next, having a proper sales process is really important. And the really strong argument for this is thinking about and using that sales process as an educational journey.

So all the way through the sales process make sure that you’re educating people, not just about you and how you do business, but on the subject as a whole.

For example, our prospects are looking to learn more about brand storytelling and digital marketing, so during the sales process we send them useful information on those topics.


Links to slideshows, PDFs, white papers – these are really handy and useful – not just to help them learn more about you and your product, but to keep them engaged in the sales process until you’ve got to the point where the sale is made.

Keep visibility up with remarketing

And finally remarketing is a really handy tool. Make sure that your prospects see your brand in the digital space during that time between the first enquiry and the close of sale.

Make sure they’re seeing your stories and your case studies on Facebook.

Make sure they’re seeing branding material on google when they’re searching, and on other websites that they visit.

And if it’s appropriate, send your prospects a really educational newsletter each month.


Here is an example of a Brilliant Digital client who has enjoyed great success from web enquiries.

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Converting leads to sales
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Converting leads to sales

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