Tim Bosanquet, Content Producer

Hi, I’m Tim and I am part of Brilliant Digital’s thriving nest of writers and content creators.

I’ve always wondered about the collective noun for writers … is it a worry of writers? Or a muddle of writers? Maybe a scribble of writers … that would certainly reflect my freehand skills!

Variety of tasks

My day to day really varies. I am an on-call writer and create content for all of Brilliant’s clients, which I find extremely exciting.

My tasks are always changing … one week I might be writing a whole series of blogs or creating a newsletter or even these profiles that you’re reading!

It’s like being dropped from a Black Hawk helicopter into a foreign desert of content and someone saying, ‘Now write this, we have to publish in six hours!’ Except there’s no helicopter … and the desert is more like a sofa with a laptop. But still, you get the idea.

Creative background

I have had an expansive range of creative roles in my past … writing theatre and musicals, television production, digital projects for media outlets and roles within many different radio stations. I even tried landscape gardening, but the black moss and rock piles didn’t end so well.

Through all of this, my true passion has always been writing. There has been a lot of comedy writing in my past, but recently I’ve been doing kids’ scriptwriting, which is a lot of fun.

But as I have two small children, a lot of my best writing is shopping lists. Often the same item scrawled over and over due to sleep deprivation.

Brilliant Digital friendly and hardworking

I think if Brilliant Digital was a country, it might be Canada. It’s sweet and progressive and ultra-friendly but it also has a hard-working ethic.

Everyone is so talented, focused and utterly supportive, without ego. The culture is very important, and this is driven by Deb. There are consistent qualities across the team. Empathy, creativity and just nice people. Everything is discussed and everyone has an equal voice. Dare I say it – it’s a content utopia.

Storytelling is fun

Receiving a client brief is very exciting. I enjoy the process of immersing myself in their business. I strive to embrace their voice and content style and uncover their story. The storytelling is the fun part, but it means nothing unless you have taken time to understand the client’s background and their needs.

This is what separates Brilliant Digital from other agencies. It’s not cookie cutter. It’s not quick, cursory writing. It’s a personalised experience. It leads to the client’s success because audiences are becoming more aware and media savvy. They pick up on factory-made content that has been repeatedly produced before.

Two small children

As a dad to two small children, my down time is limited. But when I’m not working with Brilliant clients, I’m still writing … comedy, kids’ scripts and television production. Plus, living near the beaches means we get some great family activities by the water. I am, however, dreaming of an island escape for a weekend away with my wife … one day it will happen!

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