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Coleman Greig Lawyers established the Women in Business Forum (WIB) to help professional and executive women connect and discuss issues of importance to them.

It is the ‘largest networking forum for women in business outside of the Sydney CBD’, and is proud to lend its support to professional women in the expanding Western and North Western Sydney regions.

At Women in Business events, attendees meet with like-minded women, hear from inspiring speakers, and share experiences and career advice.

Storytelling changes lives

Storytelling changes lives

Deb Croucher Jeffreys attended ‘The Power of Storytelling’ WIB event, held in November 2017 at beautiful Oatlands House.

There she had the pleasure of listening to wonderful political commentator Annabel Crabb and co-founder of Sydney Story Factory, Dr. Catherine Keenan.

This event focused on the importance of words, storytelling and self-expression as key skills to develop in life.

A love of words has shaped the lives and careers of both Annabel and Cath.

They discussed the value of sharing that experience and importantly, passing on that love of writing and storytelling to young people in a way that can change their lives.

Stand a little taller

Stand a little taller

Cath was an engaging speaker and spoke with passion about the power of teaching the art of storytelling to kids.

‘Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human,’ said Cath.

‘Once kids learn the confidence and skill to tell stories that matter they stand a little taller. They take their new skills back to school and everything improves for them.’

The Sydney Story Factory is a not for profit which supports marginalised kids to write stories of all kinds.

The fundraising component of this Women in Business event goes towards the Sydney Story Factory’s new creative writing centre that will open in Parramatta next May.

Currently based in Redfern, this new ‘creative writing hub’ will provide creative writing and storytelling workshops to marginalised young people aged 7-17 across Western Sydney.

Cath is excited to be expanding the reach of Sydney Story Factory and by the positive impact it can have on the community.

A powerful way to grow a business

A powerful way to grow a business

Deb is a big advocate for sharing a love of storytelling.

She knows first hand the effectiveness of powerful storytelling in business and sees how this skill works to connect with people everyday.

In Deb’s words, ‘Storytelling is in my view the most powerful way to grow a business… and in today’s world the ability to put a story into words on a digital platform is a key skill set every business needs to access.

‘So as well as helping kids gain confidence through learning the art of storytelling I think the Sydney Story Factory is giving the young people precious skills that employers will value increasingly highly over the coming years.’

To find out more about the fabulous work that Sydney Story Factory do to share storytelling and creative writing with disadvantaged young people in Sydney, take a look at their website here.

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