The secrets of Google’s success are your secrets too…

Nothing succeeds like success and Google is once again at the top of the Search engine charts. The fourth quarter this year saw Google shoot back to a 67 per cent share of the search market, having slipped the previous quarter.

The monthly ComScore analysis showed Google up 0.3 points in July this year.

Why search anywhere else?

Brilliant Blue happily rides on the coat-tails of Google success with web strategies which dovetail with the way Google works. And why would you look elsewhere? Other search engines’ shares are so far behind Google as to be hardly in the race. Most of its ‘competitors’ are trending downwards.

Yahoo hit a new low when it dropped 0.1 per cent in July to an 11.3 per cent share, a loss of almost 2 per cent in the year. AOL and Ask each dropped by 0.1 per cent in July. Bing, meanwhile, stagnated at 17.9 per cent in July – although this was up more than 2 per cent on July 2012.

We have always developed clients’ sites to fit Google’s search methodology. Quality content is the backbone of Google success and so we made it the foundation of our clients’ SEM strategies.

Google’s new search criteria now rate quality to higher standards. The golden rule is to create engaging content which shows you have the solutions to readers’ problems.

To attract readers and boost your rankings, use your expertise then research and verify keywords matched to your subjects: readers’ problems and your solutions.

Eyes on the Google prize

Brilliant Blue will continue to scrutinise developments in the Google space and design our clients’ sites to capitalise on Google’s evolution as search leader.

The latest innovations in Google Search are typical of developments which keep Google ahead of the rest. A new feature rolled out in August in the US enables you to query – by voice or text – information that is in your Gmail, Google Calendar or Google+.

The first rollout saw verbal queries such as “What’s my flight status?” get updates on this or other travel bookings, photo galleries, diarised plans, shopping orders and deliveries.

It’s the kind of user-friendly, practical feature that makes everyday life easier to organise while on the move or anywhere at all.

Getting to know you

It’s not the only recent innovation to keep us all Googling. This latest Google Search offering followed the startling Google Now development which was hailed a step towards a ‘virtual personal assistant’. And Google Now (in app for Android and update to Google App for IOS) is one intuitive assistant.

Google Now studies user behaviour, interaction and even context to develop an understanding of a user and their wants and needs. It then uses this data to predict needs. And, just like that indispensable assistant, it will offer things you want … before you search.

The more you search and use Gmail, Google Calendar and other tools, the better Google Now knows you – and your likely searches. Without being asked, it sends customised content in the shape of category ‘cards’ to your user interface – covering topics such as weather, news, traffic, travel timetables etc.

Predicting the future

Once again, Google has offered users the most for the least effort. More and more users will no doubt be drawn to Gmail and other Google tools as more categories are offered (and any initial bumps are ironed out).

This will further cement Google success as search leader. So smart marketers will be keener than ever to align their Internet strategies with Google’s processes.

The latest Google Now development takes the search out of searching and allows a peek at the future where users’ needs will be increasingly predicted.

There’s every sign Google will also increase its massive lead ahead of the pack. BBIM will continue designing great content-rich Internet marketing for our clients based on Google’s successful evolving modus operandi … for quite some time.

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