The four stories every business must tell

Storytelling is the best way to promote your business. And the best businesses are built on great stories – but what stories should you tell?

There are four stories that are key to forming the brand message of any business.

First, we have the customer story. Next is the business story. Then comes the service or product story and finally we have the personal stories inside the business.

Let’s unpack those in more detail…

The customer story

The customer story is key. It is the most important of all.

It should focus on the three main problems that your target market face that you can solve.

Your story or narrative should be about those problems being solved – your solution should be woven into the content.

Make sure that it is the crux of everything.

The ideal place to demonstrate this rather than just explaining it is in case studies

… this is where you can show the journey your customer took with you and how you transformed their lives by solving their problems.

Always remember to go back to the customer’s problems and your solution, and constantly weave that through the narrative of your website and all the other collateral that you have.

The business story

Second is the business story.  The classic place for the business story is the About Us page.

Again, a business story must focus on the customer – it is the ‘what you do for who and why’ – it must explain why your business can solve your customer’s problems and begin to introduce how you do that.

It should explain what you do to make your customer’s life better every single day – that’s the purpose of an About Page.

You can start to introduce your product and services here. And you can also do what everyone does, which is use the About Page for the long (sometimes boring!) history of the business – it is fine to add some details of that here as long it’s relevant to the target market. If it’s not relevant don’t put it in.

Product/service story

And then you have the service or product story. And the crucial thing with that again is to make sure that you’re solving your customer’s problems front and centre.

So the key features at the top of the page are all about solving those problems that that customer faces day in and day out.

Layer the benefits and details into the story, and then you can go into detail of exactly how you deliver your service or process further down the page and into the narrative.

But starting with that emotional connection of solving the customer’s problem is the key to a great product or service page.

Personal story

And finally there are the personal stories and this fits perfectly into something that, at Brilliant Digital, we know to be true – people do business with people.

There are a lot of faceless organisations out there and we believe that’s a mistake.

If you show the ‘why’ – the personal journey that took you to the place of starting your business, or show the passion behind some of the key members of your team,  it will allow a story to develop.

You can talk about your favourite customer outcomes here. And people will start to connect with the team and that business as people they want to go and do business with.

They will see their journey in your journey. They will see your expertise in action rather than just in words. Personal stories are incredibly important in creating an emotional connection with your customer.

The trick to the key messaging of storytelling is to weave those 4 stories together into a consistent brand story that you can repeat over and over on different platforms… that you can share with your team and different customers. That’s how people start to really understand and connect with your great business and your great brand.

Talk to us today about telling your stories.

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