The Flexible Workplace at Brilliant Digital

At Brilliant Digital, we’re known for transforming businesses through digital storytelling. But at the heart of our operations lies a different kind of transformation.

We are challenging traditional working schedules and giving families the flexibility to thrive.

Deb Croucher founded the Brilliant Group with flexibility and family in mind. She saw the benefits of having a flexible, rewarding career in a fast paced industry, and wanted to share that opportunity with others.

Brilliant Digital is an agency grounded by flexibility and family values. With integrity and creativity at every turn, we’ve changed the way we work.

Why did you set up Brilliant Digital with flexibility in mind?

‘It goes back to me as a single mum, looking at my daughter and thinking “If I keep being a vet, I can’t spend the time I need to spend with her, so she won’t be there person she needs to be. I needed to do something different”.

‘So I started out as a freelancer, realising that if I worked a flexible career, my daughter would thrive. I could be there to walk her to school, be there for sports day… that was really important. Once I got that for myself, I could not only make my job more interesting, but I could also offer that flexibility to other people, so that’s where Brilliant Digital came from.’

How do you deliver on those flexible arrangements for your team?

‘Technology is a big factor. We have harnessed the technology out there – we were early adopters of Google Drive; and Zoom allows regular, easy remote meetings… that’s massive.

‘Trust and empowerment is important – you can’t be checking up on the team all day – to be honest if people want to deliver and have a great career they’re going to do it anyway. You have to empower them to have a go -it’s ok to be creative make the odd mistake, we all do, we’ll fix it. If we don’t move forward in a creative way, we won’t learn. As a company we need to be right on the cutting edge of digital marketing and that’s where we are.’

How do you lead by example in terms of fitting your work round family?

‘I just make it happen. I work very hard, which is part of running a company. But I am there for my daughters, I walk the dog, we have weekends away… I drop things if I have to. But I make it work. Time management is key for me. I show the team ways to be more efficient and ways to manage their time. Turning off phone notifications is simple but effective!’

What are the positive outcomes that come directly from flexible work?

‘It’s probably enthusiasm and loyalty. You can’t be a marketer without being enthusiastic about the client or it will be boring. Because people are happy at work, they’re enthusiastic. The team shows loyalty – they will go above and beyond. If we’re working to a deadline they will put in extra hours to make it happen. If I take care of my team they will take care of the clients, that’s how I look at it. And I will always respond to my team before the clients; they’re my priority.’

So flexible work arrangements are of benefit to your clients?

‘That’s exactly right. My team manage the clients. I am over the top, running strategy, but at the end of the day the results come to the client because of the work my team do, end of story’.

We currently have roles for storytellers and we’d love to here from you. Find the Storytellers Application Page here.

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