Your Story Is Priceless…

Have you told your story online?…

Or are you wondering what the point would be? After all who would care about your story anyway? Maybe you’d rather clean out your inbox and take out the garbage than type out a page about your business journey to this moment?

Let me tell you who cares about your story… your clients care.

Let’s leave the typing chore for a second and look at the big picture.

Relationships are the key to business success

I believe that in business, relationships always have been and always will be the key to success.

When I was a Veterinary Surgeon back in the 1990s whole families came to see me with their pets because I showed that I cared about them and took time to listen. My clients valued the time spent in the consultation more highly than just the treatment for their pet.  They valued the professional relationship I formed with them and actively sought me out when their pet was sick.

Same goes for me the other way.

I’ve taken the time to seek out doctors, accountants, lawyers and financial planners who show that they care about me and my family. I even choose coffee shops based primarily on great service.

Your clients are looking for you online

I know I say this like a broken record… but it’s a fact we can’t escape… if you’re a service professional your clients are looking for you online.

And once they’ve found you online… how do they make the judgement to call your business rather than your competition?

A big factor is the feeling they get about you. Whether there’s an emotional connection. A promise of a relationship.

By telling your story online you become more than just a service professional. You become a human being that a client can connect with and potentially form a professional relationship with.

Your prospect feels warm.

They’re more likely to call.

So what goes into your story?

The thing you’ve worked hardest for… your professional qualifications… are the thing your clients care the least about.

They expect you to be qualified, you’re in business after all. So don’t put a long and boring list of qualifications, universities attended and awards at the top of your story. Because your clients don’t care…

But what they do care about is why you’re passionate about what you do.

They want to know what gives you the biggest kick of your working day. They want to know how you feel when you solve the problems people just like them face. They want to know that you will care about them and their family.

Tell them your story and you’ll begin to form a relationship.

Tell it well… and they might just walk in the door ready to do business…

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