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Hi, I’m Nic Elkington and I’m the Digital Marketing Manager at Brilliant Digital.

I have been in marketing for 25 years, previously managing major marketing campaigns in the corporate world.

While my kids were young I took a bit of step back and ran my own online company.

And that’s where I grew my knowledge about SEO and the online world I’m now dwelling in.

Marketing management is being on the client’s team

Forget the traditional view of account managers … here at Brilliant Digital, it’s a lot more hands on. We really feel like we’re working in partnership with the client as their outsourced marketing department.

I talk to them about their target market, find out what’s coming up in the business … I am the first point of contact for anything they need from Brilliant Digital.

Whether it’s to do with their existing website or a new content or campaign idea, they always know they have one person to manage and coordinate every aspect of their digital marketing.

Clients want three things

We’ve found that our clients have similar pain points:

They know they need to embrace digital marketing but they don’t know where to start – ‘How can we tell people about what we do?’

They’re looking for qualified, educated leads. They’ve wasted enough time and money without getting results.

And they need to focus and target their message to deliver the right prospects.

My role is to help them navigate through this landscape, work with them according to our proven strategy and deliver increased leads and high conversion rates.

The sweet smell of success

When we get a great outcome for the client it feels absolutely fantastic.

This is because we are a partnership so we feel the pain they have had and we are with them the whole way, looking to achieve results together.

So when we see them getting the right leads it’s truly fantastic. All the hard work we do has a wonderful ending. We can actually see real results.

What makes me smile

Brilliant Digital really makes me smile because I am part of a fabulous team. So even though we’re working remotely or we’re out seeing clients, we have a really tight group working together.

And the flexible arrangements allow me to manage my time and achieve a work-life balance. So I might have a discussion with a customer, a strategy meeting with a content writer and then I’ll pick up my kids at 3 pm. That makes me smile. Brilliant digital is brilliant!

The value that really drives me is doing the right thing for the client. Even if that’s sometimes a painful decision for Brilliant Digital or a painful discussion with the client. We’re a strong team, bound together by that family first message and that’s what drives me to keep doing better.

When I’m not working, yoga is my downtime. I love the fact that I can still continue to do that once a week. And because I work flexibly from home I’m able to get the kids to their concerts and see their sports days – that’s the most important thing for me.

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