Chief Operations Officer

I’m Hayley Rothery and I’m the Chief Operations Officer at Brilliant Digital. I manage the back office and make sure everything runs smoothly. Part of this is to always try to look for better ways of doing things and to look out for anything that could be changing in our industry. It’s important to stay ahead.

I also manage new website builds for our clients. That always starts with a strategy meeting where we extract all the information from our clients about their business. I essentially just sit back and observe them, get to know everything about them and what they want from a website. I will then coordinate our team of designers and developers, writers and SEO experts to deliver the final product.

A partnership with our clients

I spent 10 years in the postal industry as a postal manager and in that role, time management was an essential skill. I managed a lot of different suppliers to get things done on time. That skill has definitely helped me in my role today.

Our clients are experts in their industry. And they know that they need digital marketing – they just don’t know how to do it. And that’s where we come in.

We’re not just an external company, we partner with our clients and work alongside them to get the best results. We bring in a team of experts from all different fields to deliver the final product. The client is still in the loop –  but the process for them is stress-free because they have handed it over to us to manage.

Sharing the joy of a great result

It feels pretty awesome when a client gets a great result. A personal favourite is when we deliver the test website to them after we’ve pulled all that information together and added great design and content. You can almost see it on their faces when they first see the end result- ‘Wow, we really are quite impressive!’ – it’s great to be able to put them in that position.

But what makes me smile the most every day is the people I work with. The team is incredibly talented. And our clients are really impressive too.

Support and encouragement

My favourite thing about working at Brilliant Digital is the support that we receive as employees. There is never an idea or suggestion left unheard. There’s such a huge amount of support and encouragement to take chances and risks and try new things.

I don’t see myself as that much of a creative person – especially surrounded by so many creative people! But my creativity is never put on hold and I’m always encouraged to reach out and try new things. And that’s pretty awesome.

The culture of our company makes it a good place to be. We work with clients that we want to work with; they’re great people. And behind the scenes, we’re working with great team members. So it’s a pretty good job really.


Shared values

The company value that drives me the most is integrity, both internally and externally. It’s such a huge part of our business.

The family first value is so important. It’s not a value that many businesses live by, but it’s definitely something that makes our job more worthwhile.

When I’m not working I am the mum of a very energetic three-year-old. I just love living life with her and watching her grow. I love reading, all things fitness and a good glass of wine. And I am a self-confessed crazy dog lady with my best friend Jake.

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