Eden Richardson, Advertising Coordinator

It’s hard to describe my role – even to myself! Marketing and Operations cover a lot of ground.

Basically, I help delegate and tie up all the loose ends of marketing or communications between all the different teams. I make sure the work flow moves along smoothly and everyone knows what’s going on. I love all of it, but I’m definitely putting my stamp on the Marketing area.

I thought I had the dream job… until this one!-

My last role was working at an events company. I was pretty certain that I’d never find another role that I loved as much. Then I discovered this position. It sounded so suitable to my lifestyle and it was a perfect use of all my skills. The icing on the cake was the flexibility of working hours.

So far, I have enjoyed everything about the work at Brilliant Digital. It really is a dream to have such an amazing work environment that provides me with the opportunity to work and still do the things I love to do.

Brilliant Digital is like no other agency

Nothing compares to Brilliant Digital. It’s simply a completely different way of working. For example, there is no real hierarchy nor does anyone attempt to dominate other workers. Everyone works together so kindly and respectfully. It really makes for a collegial and harmonious environment.

Life before Brilliant Digital

I studied a double degree of Communication and Media/Bachelor of Business. It wasn’t long before I picked up an internship in Events, which led to working as an Events Coordinator for a company in Double Bay. I helped organise events such as World Cup Polo Championships, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2018 and Ferrari NSW Charity Gala.

One hidden talent about me is…

I’m an avid horse rider! We have seven horses between my sister, Mum and me, which we compete with almost every weekend. I train under my two coaches, who are current Olympic gold medallists. Every year we compete at the national level competitions such as Sydney Royal Easter Show. So horses really are a passion.

I don’t do ‘relaxation’

My family members aren’t the relaxed type! We’re all sporty, high speed kind of people. If we’re not galloping around on horses, my family and I like to take our ski boat out on the river and spend our days in the sun. I love going to the gym or else going for a run with my headphones on. The closest I get to relaxing is our ritual wine and cheese board on a Sunday afternoon.

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