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Founding Director

Hi, my name is Deb Jeffreys, I’m a Digital Storyteller and the founding Director of the Brilliant Group.

For me the most exciting part of my role is business transformation.

To turn a business around by delivering a steady flow of quality leads and sales is, quite simply, wonderful.

I particularly love working with successful and well-established companies.

Our best clients are business owners who can clearly see that digital technologies are changing the landscape.

They know they need to embrace digital marketing but don’t know how to get results. They’ve often been burned by inexperienced teams and are sceptical about the next hire.

I love the fact that we walk in and deliver a complete, hassle free marketing solution that changes everything for business owners. The excitement and relief they feel when it all comes together and the leads start to flow is priceless.

I also love the relationship we develop with business owners. As well as becoming an outsourced marketing department, we often become a trusted advisor on all things digital as their company grows and thrives.

Doing the right thing

The thing that frustrates me most about what I do is the thousands of companies in the digital marketing space doing the wrong thing by their clients. Often agencies only deliver part of the solution. But this is like building part of a car. It won’t even begin to get a business where it needs to go. It genuinely upsets me to see clients spending a lot of time and money on something that simply doesn’t bring results.

By the time we get to work with customers they often feel let down and frustrated and have a bad feeling about the whole digital marketing industry. We have to work hard to rectify that.

Energy from strategy

The thing that energises me the most is strategy. I absolutely love the first strategy meeting with a new client.

Often our clients start the meeting feeling nervous because of past bad experiences. But as we work through our process, forcing them to focus on what’s important, I watch their confidence grow. By the end of that meeting I have a happy client and a clear vision of how to market their business.

Next I love seeing the team roll into action to deliver on the strategy. And of course seeing that client smiling a few months later once the results are flowing is priceless.

Family meets creativity

Family are number one for me. I’ve designed this business to fit around parenting allowing me to be the best mother I can to our 4 daughters. Our business is family friendly and truly built around flexible working. School sports days, drop-offs and pick ups are important – we schedule meetings around them. Read more from the team about how our flexible working arrangements allow them to have a great work-life balance.

I also love the creative challenges of this business. I get to use both sides of my brain. Delivering complete marketing solutions is exciting and invigorating and pushes us to get better every day. We’re at the cutting edge of digital business transformation and that’s a wonderful place to be.

Digital Storytelling

I am a passionate storyteller. When I present to an audience, I strive to inspire my listeners not just to feel differently, but to take action. Using storytelling to connect with business owners, I give them the tools they need to move forwards with clarity and confidence.

I speak on a range of topics – read more about my keynotes, case study presentations and workshops here.


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